Simplified port forwarding interface

  • Right now, setting up a port forward is a rather complex workflow: first, configure a static lease for the target device, write down the static lease IP, navigate to the router port forward settings, input the same IP, then input the forwarding details. This is cumbersome and annoying and doesn't support IPv6.

    Instead, I'd like to propose that port forwards be moved to the "devices" view: underneath "Edit static lease", a new "Edit port forwarding" entry that would simply allow inputting a port number and protocol and automatically forward it to whatever the current client DHCP IP is. This would also allow handling IPv6 port forwards as well (the only current option is to entirely disable the IPv6 firewall, which is not great). If a port forward entry for a device exists, also open the IPv6 firewall for that device's IP:port, but otherwise preserve the security of keeping the rest of the IPv6 firewall enabled.

    Also, I was disappointed to notice that adding a static lease for a device seems to have disconnected all of my wireless devices, not just the affected one. That was pretty annoying. This interface might also avoid this particular pitfall of static leases.

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