BEWARE- Amplifi sends out KILL updates-Do NOT BUY

  • BEWARE -Purchased model afi-hd, the best unit, and frankly I have been extremely satisfied with the coverage at my lake house property. Later I even invested in additional meshpoints to expand my coverage to at least a 10000 sq ft area. All was great until past Sunday night I noticed the unit prompting me to touch the screen to apply an awaiting update. THEIR update, they PUSHED out to me, totally unsolicited, absolutely KILLED my base unit. Their "chat only" tech support finally determined my unit was frozen and unable to access it by any means, even a hard reset or PC connection. Many hours later, they tell me because it is two years old I am S.O.L. and OUT of Warranty. BEWARE...they send out KILL updates once you are past warranty. I asked through the support ticket chat if they were Really gone throw me to the wolves and not help at all and they said "sorry it's over 1 year" even though they did it to me. Sounds like a racket to me, anyone else had this happen?
    Russell Crissman, Mooresville NC

  • I don't believe for one bit that they are sending out firmware updates to intentionally brick units. With that being said, if an official firmware update results in bricking a unit, they should be responsible for fixing or replacing it, regardless of the warranty status. I hope they do the right thing for you. Good luck!

  • @bshaheen I would hope not too but what I said above is exactly what they told me and will be glad to share the chat exchanges from Amplifi to prove it. Out of warranty they said (twice). Barely two years old in June, is their top end unit, had also bought the expansion MP's and then they PUSHED the KILL update out to ME!! I really can't believe it myself that they won't send me a replacement unit after over $500 total invested in their setup. I was perfectly happy until they sent me a bad update and killed it. DO THE RIGHT THING AMPLIFI!!

  • I'm not saying they don't push update alerts to their devices. In fact, that's exactly how I was alerted of my last firmware update on my Alien. What I am saying is that they are not putting malicious code into firmware updates that intentionally bricks units because they are out of warranty. If you're saying that the chat support person told you they do this, I would love to see that.

    Again, regardless of warranty status, if a firmware update unintentionally bricked a unit, they should do something about that. I would think they would ask you to send them the unit so they could investigate and find the root cause so they could prevent it from happening to others moving forward, if indeed it was caused by the update. They should also replace or fix the unit for you out of warranty. If the update did this, it's the least they could do for you. Good luck.

  • @bshaheen This is incorrect, we absolutely do not send malicious updates to brick equipment. Often times an update to any device can agitate an underlying issue or defect and cause a failure. It does not happen often at all and usually if it does occur it occurs within the warranty, I am sure you have updated the device before with no issues. Our firmware updates are for improving devices functionality, you also have the option to dismiss it on the screen.

  • @UI-AmpliFi Hey Amplifi, How about answering ME, you know the guy who made this post and the the guy you sent the bad update to and bricked my unit!!!
    It is barely two years old and YOUR update KILLED my unit, intentional or not!!!! You are telling me my unit is over 1 year old so tough luck, go invest another $400 in your brand. Really?

  • @Russell-Crissman You can roll back the firmware to the previous version. If it is the current firmware that is causing the issues on your device, rolling back to the previous version you were on would fix your issues. Updating or Rolling Back the AmpliFi Firmware

  • @UI-AmpliFi NO, I cant roll it back.... because the update YOU sent me and prompted me to apply made my unit FREEZE on the first screen. NOTHING I tried with your support staff worked...couldn't connect with a PC because frozen screen, can't reset with a paperclip, cycling power comes back to same first screen every time "Amplfi-Wirless Perfected" (with 4 little dots flashing across in sequence)..IT WONT DO ANYTHING!!! It is barely two years old, I have invested additional $$ in the expansion units, it WorkED perfectly before your update, I've never bothered anything with any of it since original setup (except maybe 1 other update i can remember and I simply touched the screen to apply it, a year or so ago). But now it is a BRICK. Can you HEAR me? DO the right thing AMplifi and send me a replacement please!!!

  • Hi @Russell-Crissman - are you able to enter Recovery Mode by pushing on the pinhole reset switch and holding it for ~45 seconds while you power on the unit?

  • @UI-AmpliFi I'm confused. I think you're confusing me with the OP.

  • @Derek-Saville No, it is stuck on the first screen. Nothing has worked to reset it. Please replace my unit…

  • @Russell-Crissman Are you holding the reset long enough? I recently installed a Dream Machine for my daughter and during the installation, I had to reset it because of a mistake I made. I had to hold the reset button at least 20-30 seconds before the reset completed.

  • @James-Earl-Ford Yes I have held it well over a minute, several different times, but stays on main screen with no reset.

  • @UI-AmpliFi HELLO AMPLIFI??? Are you still interested in my problem??? I have to do something...should i switch brands or are you going to keep me as a customer??

  • @Russell-Crissman Sometimes if you unplug it pug it back in while holding the reset you can get it in to recovery mode, don't be a Karen.

  • @Brahp-braaah Tried that also (several times) smart ass. How would you like to have your unit bricked by an update that you did not ask for and cant undo? My unit is trash currently and @UI-AmpliFi wont give me any resolution!!

  • @Russell-Crissman To recap on your initial post, you are not out of warranty for support. Our support is offered for the life of the product. Our support staffed assisted in identifying that your unit is facing an issue that is hardware related. Hardware related issues are directed to our RMA department for processing and validating our warranty based on purchase date as per the Product Warranty terms and conditions.

    Any further inquiries or disputes about the warranty would need to be directed to our RMA department. The technical support staff that moderates this forum cannot offer or guarantee you a replacement.

  • @UI-AmpliFi Well then could you get the RMA dept interested in doing something for my issue? Or tell me how I can direct these posts to them? Someone told me that my unit is over 1 year old and does not qualify for warranty....crickets after that. I dont know if it was support or RMA dept that told me. Maybe it matters to you so you can clarify as you did above but it doesnt to me. All I want is some help!!! THIS IS BULL. Please send this to RMA department and encourage them to replace my unit. NO fault of mine...barely two years old...SHAMEFUL.

  • @Russell-Crissman the link to the RMA form is below. YOU need to fill it in, otherwise they can’t assist you on replacing it.

  • @Richard1864 RMA dept declined to discuss further because it was over one year old. They asked for the receipt, which I sent from Sam's Club and they said "sorry, over a year old" !
    THIS FORUM IS MY LAST HOPE at someone HELPING! Please have RMA contact me

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