BEWARE- Amplifi sends out KILL updates-Do NOT BUY

  • Thanks @Richard1864 for the feedback

    I still think an “Install” button on a LCD push notification is bad practice for a least PIN code it or provide an option to disable the LCD notifications

    Wi-Fi environments are too unpredictable and the single action button too convenient for the potential risks

  • @Russell-Crissman I just saw that you said the receipt was from Sam’s Club. Have you bothered to contact THEM? They usually provide longer warranties than the vendors. That question will also be asked if you ever go to arbitration or small claims court, and you’ll need to have documented who you talked to at Sam’s Club and when.

  • Yes I went to Sam's first. Big lesson on Costco advantage over Sam's when it comes to something like this. They no longer sell the Amplifi product so they could not do an exchange nor offered a refund because it was too long for that. They were nice and did give me $40 gift card because the customer service person felt bad of the situation.
    Look I am just appalled that Amplifi wouldnt feel bad also and replace my unit. I also have just come to understand from the posts that hit my email this morning that this is a user forum as I thought this was Amplifi's reviews site. I am in the wrong place obviously. I thought @Amplifi-HD was how I was talking to the company and this would compel them to do the right thing as I have been pleading. I will remove my posts. I thought it would be warning to others to beware this could happen to them and to know they were dealing with a company that has no problem saying tough luck if it's past one year with them. I work for myself so I have used way more time than a new device will cost now. I just dont think I will give my money to amlplifi when I look at replacing my mesh setup if this is how they treat their customers. Trust me I tried in a very civil way with no loud talk to ask Amplifi's various people that were involved in the "chats" including the RMA person. I still cant believe they wont swap out my device.
    One last question, just to salvage what I have spent on expansion MP's, if I were to buy a used base unit from ebay I saw, is there any way to attach the two MP's that came with my base unit to that unit?

  • @Russell-Crissman instructions below on how to reset the mesh points. Question: How did you not see this was a user forum?

  • My router froze up when I did this update too, had to hardware reset with the button. I think too many people have rose-tinted glasses on here and are defending Amplifi exclusively.

    For some reason, this particular update required extra memory space to successfully update the firmware. If you had been running your router for a while then the memory usage was a bit higher than normal and the router lacked sufficient space to update and the firmware update failed. As pointed out, not only did multiple users suffer this, a new firmware was released to fix this issue.

    I think Amplifi should just RMA this one, it certainly would have saved a lot of hassle and bad publicity. Refusal will certainly make me question a future purchase of the Alien router when it's available in the UK.

  • @Richard1864 won't his mesh units be paired to his now bricked router? You can't unpair the paired ones that came with the main router (they are hardcoded I believe?), you can only unpair the ones you buy separately.

  • @James-Morgan when reset using the instructions on that link, he can pair them with another base unit. That’s what I did when my first AMPLIFI HD got fried in a thunderstorm and wasn’t hooked up to a surge protector.

  • @James-Morgan Yes James, that is my question and my point to this whole mess. My base unit is a brick and it is paired to the two MP's it came with. I was asking whether there was a way I could buy a base unit i saw on ebay and pair it with the two MP's that came with mine. I know I the other ones are resettable.

  • @Russell-Crissman they’re all resettable.

  • @Richard1864 I think that it is impossible to unpair the hardcoded mesh points that belong to a particulat kit no matter what form of reset you use. This has been already discussed to the death on multiple other threads and confirmed by me directly emailing AmpliFi customer support about this issue.

  • Hi @Russell-Crissman - if you purchased an HD kit, where 2 mesh points cane with an HD router in a single box, then those 2 mesh points cannot be unpaired, reset, and used with a new HD router

    Only standalone mesh points can be reset and reused

    Kits cannot be broken up

    Sorry...that is a whole other sore topic on this site

  • @Derek-Saville so how was I able to reset mine, which came with a kit, and re-pair them with a new unit? Did something change in the firmware in the last year?

  • Hi @Richard1864 - do you still have them?

    Can you confirm if the labels on the mesh points have 2 MAC’s listed on them?

    Maybe you somehow received a bundle of standalone devices

    Kits have hardware locked pairing that cannot be unpaired, unless something has changed

    But @UI-AmpliFi has been adamant about this in the past

    Hi @UI-Brett - has anything changed regarding unpairing mesh kits?

  • @Derek-Saville The kits are still paired the same as previously, unless the MeshPoints are stand alone they will only be able to pair to the router they came with.

  • @Derek-Saville apparently they were stand-alones. Router and MP’s given as a gift, forgot they were in separate boxes.

  • @Richard1864 If you inspect the bar code on the back there should only be one if they are stand alone devices.

  • @UI-AmpliFi there was just one, and I found the box they came in.

  • Hi @Richard1864 - consider yourself fortunate and thank whoever gifted them for their foresight

    The locked pairing with bricked routers topic has generated way more robust discussion and debate than this thread...

  • @Derek-Saville Thanks for confirming this. Can you see why I am so upset to throw all that away?

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