Amplifi v1.13.2 (5) crashes on startup

  • I’m having the same issue as of today, but I am not using Facebook (don’t even have an account) or it should be through WhatsApp

  • App seems to be working again

  • The app appears to be working again.

  • @Tristan-Baptist

    You are correct... I just tried my local network and distant network, was able to access both!

    I’m assuming the issue than is (was) related to AMPLIFI side!

    I’m glad, that it has been resolved, hopefully not occurs again ?!

  • Up and running again. Must have been something with Amplifi and not with Facebook as suggested. Hoping for the best, stupid that you don’t have the same control through a web interface since that kept working during this outage.

  • Thank you everyone for reporting. As discussed and tested by you, our community members, AmpliFi iOS users experienced app crashing and this issue has now resolved. This was reportedly do to issues with Facebooks iOS SDK, and was impacting a variety of mobile applications that utilize your facebook account to login to their services. Even if you did not use the Facebook authentication for your remote access you would have still been effected by this because of the integration of this feature into our app. We do not share any of your private data with Facebook

  • @UI-AmpliFi there is plenty of data that could be considered not “private” but that people may not want shared with Facebook.

    Saying that no “private” data is shared is not the same as saying no data is shared.

    There is nothing in the terms and conditions that mentions Facebook.

    Ubiquiti / Amplifi need to state very clearly what is shared with Facebook.

  • @Robinlmp All details about AmpliFi / Ubiquiti's privacy policy can be found at Any additional questions that are not answered can be directed to the appropriate email, found in our privacy policy.

  • @UI-AmpliFi what are you trying to hide? Why won’t you state in a public forum (of your customers no less) what information you are sharing with Facebook?

    Why not just say? I don’t get it.

    Edit: Well, I have emailed the email address from the T&Cs that you very helpfully didn’t actually share and rather directed me to the T&Cs.

    Being protected by GDPR, they are obliged to tell me. I will then share the answer for the benefit of others. It really would have been better to come direct from Amplifi.

  • I’ve had a response. They rather pathetically just sent me a link to a Facebook developer page. I do not think this is an adequate response.

    In the meantime, this is a link to the page:

    It is clearly aimed at those implementing the feature, not consumers. As such, quite a bit I’m not sure I understand. However, this metadata paragraph is deeply concerning:

    Metadata from the request - the mobile OS type and version, the SDK version, app name, app version, the device opt-out setting, the user agent string and the client IP address. It also collects the following device related metrics: time zone, device OS, device model, carrier, screen size, processor cores, total disk space, remaining disk space.

    What business does Amplifi have sharing details about my device with Facebook? I would say much of what is described above is “private” data. Certainly it should not be being shared without explicit prior agreement. Certainly, I do not think it should be shared unless the Facebook login feature is actually used.

    It remains to be seen what is shared if the login feature is not used.

    It would seem that when unifi CS people say that “private” data is not shared. What they actually mean is that “sensitive” data is not shared. These are two different things grades of data.

    Knowing what device I’m using and how much space is used and left on it is definitely private, but it isn’t sensitive like for example, my name.

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