Whats the best config?

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    I've had two Amplifi HD's in a mesh for a few weeks, and sadly, the lack of some basic functionality means I need to find something else. The Mesh feature works well, and wifi coverage is good. I love the look of them. But the inability to configure the firewall is poor IMO, within 48 hours my NAS was infected, due to the inability to block it's internet access. Other issues like not being able to see the IP of a device from the main screen, select independant DNS, or configure a device from within a profile, all leads to a frustrating experience. I'd like to hope in time these things will improve.

    So i've ordered an ASUS router. But i'm hoping to keep the two Amplifis and use them upstairs (one is already) but what is the best way to do this? I can't use bridge mode as I read that requires a wired connection to the main router, which is not possible. Will I no longer be able to mesh the two amplifi's together?

    any advice would be great?


  • @brackb01 This depends on what equipment you have. Any of the AmpliFi kits will require some form of hardwired connection to the primary router, from there you can use Bridge Mode. With the first AmpliFi in bridge mode, you could then mesh your second AmpliFi router to primary AmpliFi using wireless connectivity.

    If both of your AmpliFi HD's are stand alone models, they would have the ability to be used as 3rd party extenders (Steps for this found on page 10 of the linked document). In extender mode, they would only need a wireless signal to repeat and broadcast your wireless network.

  • Thanks. they are both standalone so I will try to use them in the extended configuration solution.

    appreciate the reply.

  • Hi

    I found that devices connected to the mesh router wouldn't pass on any lease information to the main device (I.E I wasn't able to see what was connected in full)

    Also the app kept failing to see the devices - unfortunately this wasnt acceptable along with the other functionality gaps so I've decommisioned them and bought AiMesh devices.

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