• I know this has been discussed many times but I thought start a new one based on my own findings!

    My place is filled with Apple devices and obviously when you spend some good money on one of the best routers you want to do all you can to speed things up and as stable as possible.

    So, any time there’s a new firmware, I checked things out both in iOS app and web tool and select every option I can get my hands on!

    A-MSDU is the only one giving me hard time but only with Apple TV 4K by disconnecting from my network right in the middle of my fav shows!!

    Rebooting ATV4K is the only option to get back in business - for an hour or so!!

    My Dyson gadgets, iPad, iPod, ecobee, iPhone, Apple Watch, MacBook, Windows 10 laptops (office!) etc etc all rock solid!

    I agree with some commenters that it’s Apple and their wrong (?) implementation of certain protocols, but in my case and after months (perhaps years!!) of testing, all my devices remain connected / stable only when I switch wireless channels from auto to manual and choose 11 (2.4 GHz) and 40 (5 GHz) it resolves my Apple TV 4K connectivity issue.

    For anyone else, those channels may or may now work in your environment - so I suggest playing around and see which ones would work for you.

    That’s all I wanted to share here. Thanks for reading ✌

    P.S. I leave in a condo with tons of wireless devices around me!

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