Ubiquiti Dream Machine w/ Amplfi setup

  • I own a Amplfi setup and was going to buy a second setup to expand my network coverage but an opportunity to get a comped Dream Machine router from work has come up so would like to use that instead. Thinking use the DM as the main router & downstairs AP (with same SSID as the Amplfi), then put the Amplfi router upstairs in bridge mode meshed with the two current APs. Any foreseeable problems with that setup?

  • @Mike-Gendimenico-0 BSS may not work properly but everything will get the same IP and should work fine, make sure you change the channels on the AmpliFi to avoid interference.

  • @UI-AmpliFi said in Ubiquiti Dream Machine w/ Amplfi setup:


    Thanks! So if BSS doesn't work properly, how does that affect the actual wifi/network operation?

  • @Mike-Gendimenico-0
    Looking at this exact same solution. Did you make this work?

  • @Tigres Dream Machine is on order, will report back when I get it in and set up but might be a couple of weeks...

  • @Mike-Gendimenico-0 it will affect how devices roam from AP to AP, the transition may be slow.

  • I Picked up the Dream Machine yesterday. I have my Amplifi HD unchanged (other than bridge mode) plugged into the new DM in LAN port 1. I setup the DM with the exact same SSID and password as the HD I already have.

    Working through Kinks, but it is better with both than the DM alone, as that wifi antennae is terrible on it's own compared to the Amplifi. I am getting Rouge alerts from DM as it knows something else on the network is on the same SSID, but the settings on this thing are pretty deep.

  • @Tigres Let us know how this setup performs, thanks for the update.

  • @UI-AmpliFi

    Ok update time:
    After further tweaks, Vlan setup for my
    IOT devices (separate LAN) and picking up 2 additional wireless access points for the DM I think I have this pretty close to what I need.

    I have Comcast gig service, a pretty strange layout in my home so cable running was my last resort. I was able to get about 500 down and 40 up in the main section of the house. Additional rooms far away are getting 160 down/35 up which is fine for just about everything I need.

    Going to keep this setup running as is for a week to see how stable it is, but fingers crossed it’s working better than I suspected to be honest.

    I did end up removing the HD AMPLIFI from my network and that seemed to calm things down quite a bit. I can say it did work, but had some caveats to the network and handoffs.

    In the end, it was pretty pricey- however with everyone WFH and the amount of zoom meetings I am in a day (8 hours, no joke) this is a small price to pay for stability and consistent solid performance.

    I think I paid:
    329 Dream Machine
    181 UAP flexHD access point
    118 UDM beacon

    So about 628$
    Cheaper than orbi and others, and I can tell you the amount of setting in this monster is enough to keep one busy for a year. Kind of fun:)

  • @Tigres
    Thanks for the setup info. As much as I like the simplicity and performance of the Amplfi HD, this sounds like a solid setup. I like how the UDMs have the power plug pass through also.

    So if I have the Dream Machine in my lower room with the cable modem and have a wired connection from there to the living room, I would hardwire the flexHD AP in the LR and then add 1 or 2 UDM beacons that mesh with the flexHD to cover the rest of the main floor of the house (my house is all one level except for the lower office room). The UDM beacons will mesh with either the flexHD or DM depending on signal strength, correct?

  • @Mike-Gendimenico-0
    That is accurate, I have one upstairs in one section of the house, and the beacon in the other end up stairs.

    I am still testing if I need both AP’s, I may be able to get by with one, but they do mesh wirelessly without the need for a wired connection.

    I will say this about setting this up. It takes patience, and time to test, sometimes you think its not responding as you would like, but give it time to settle down. Over the last 24 hours it seems to have been damn solid and I boxed up the Amplifi,

    I think I will take that to EBay.

  • @Tigres
    Since the DM is buried downstairs, I will wire the flexHD AP for better coverage and less wireless hops to the other AP(s). Wiring terminates at the TV area so will wire that gear and the flexHD anyway. Learning the Ubiqity gear is part of our training so I'll consult with our network engineer on the configuration and confirm what additional gear I should have to blanket the house (likely the same setup you have). And yeah, I'll prolly eBay the Amplfi setup as well...

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