Wired speed test issue

  • Anyone having this issue where a speed test on the alien router is significantly lower then the speed test on the mesh nodes? My router connected to the modem caps out a bit over 500 mbps but the other three nodes are well above 900 mbps. Gig service through ISP. Very odd.

  • @Seeavling Thank you for reporting this. This is actually known behavior.

    The router will test your network speed, however the mesh points speed test and the device speed test in the app report back the link speed, that way you can identify and diagnose network issues.

    So in your case, the mesh point is communicating with the router directly at 900 Mbps, so there is a solid link between the two. The router speed capping at 500, could be because of server selection. This is documented on other community posts, and you could be receiving a false low speed because of where the AmpliFi Router decided to test your speed from. This is a feature that we are continually working on to improve.

    In the mean time, to confirm your primary router and overall max network speeds, I suggest using a hardwired device and test from a few 3rd party speed tests.

  • @UI-AmpliFi that makes sense. One other question on the speed test. The RAMPS shows an download and upload of over 900 mbps. I have a gig subscription for download but only 40 mbps for upload on my plan. Why does it show 900 mbps upload when my cap is 40 mbps?

  • @Seeavling Same concept, the upload connection between the RAMP and the router is reaching 900 Mbps between themselves. Once it hits the modem and through your ISP, that is where the potential Mbps is limited.

  • @UI-AmpliFi can the Alien AMPLIFI be upgraded to support link aggregation or does that require a hardware upgrade?

  • @Seeavling I will research this further with our developers and get back to you.

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