Wired Backbone & Additional Wireless Mesh Points

  • Apologies if this is a daft question - but if I create a wired backbone between 2 HD routers, would any additional wireless mesh points still only connect back to the original router, even if the secondary was closer / have a stronger signal?


  • @mattrhall Thank you for reaching out. The wireless MeshPoints in that configuration would connect to whichever wired AP was providing a better connection. With wired backbone, both are viewed as primary connections.

  • Perfect, that’s exactly what I wanted to hear.

    Thanks for your prompt response!


  • I've just set up an ethernet backbone between 2 HD routers and WiFi when associated with the wired HD routers is good (after changing the channel), however, even with router steering, I get associated with other mesh points quite close to the routes which give poor performance. How can I see which router the mesh points are connected to?

    I have a mesh point close to the office but signal strength shows as good (nearly too far) so can only assume it's associated with the downstairs router.

  • @andy-taylor said in Wired Backbone & Additional Wireless Mesh Points:

    How can I see which router the mesh points are connected to?

    I would recommend power cycling the mesh points after you have installed the backhaul HD routers. This will give them the opportunity to recalibrate where they connect to. Currently there is no option to view which mesh point is connected to which router besides the list view on the home screen of the AmpliFi App, and the Topology feature found in the WebUI

  • @UI-AmpliFi Many thanks, I've tried this to no avail. I have found once I only have the two routers with ethernet backhaul I get far better results as don't get clients erroneously associating with a mesh point. For now I may just accept the WiFi meshing isn't great and stick with ethernet backhaul, the mesh points can go back.

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