Extra MeshPoint/Router + Ethernet Backhaul through switch

  • Hello all,
    I'm interested in a wifi mesh solution and the Amplifi Instant Wifi is between my choices.
    However, I have a couple questions first.
    First of all, I have my concerns that the two points (router, mesh point) might not be able to cover the whole house (full wifi signal in all rooms).
    I read through the community forum that I can't purchase two separate Amplifi Instant Wifi packs and combine them (total 4 points).
    So the only option is to purchase an additional Amplifi Instant Router (or maybe and HD one?) and make it as a MeshPoint.

    Second, since I prefer the mesh wifi to be ethernet backhauled can I use it like this:
    ISP Router
    -> Amplifi Instant Wifi Router
    ---> TP-Link Gigabit Switch
    -----> port1 Amplifi Instant Wifi MeshPoint
    -----> port2 Amplifi Instant Wifi Router (extra for additional coverage)
    Will this setup work?

    My home internet connection is 30Mbps and 99% of my activity is done on the internet.
    I mean I don't currently have local servers/nas that I need to connect to and transfer files through my local network.

    Thank you very much all for your time.
    I don't want to start buying stuff that will not work for me, and Amplifi Instant is within my budget!

  • @charsta said in Extra MeshPoint/Router + Ethernet Backhaul through switch:

    Will this setup work?

    Yes, this setup you described will work. The advantages of the HD router (AFI-R) vs the Instant could impact your overall range, as well as wireless performance. Since you have 30 Mbps, ethernet backhaul is highly recommended like you described and that can also be accomplished my meshing multiple HD routers.

    With the Instant at max giving 2,000 sq ft. compared to the HD at a max of 10,000, maybe that will help you decide which version you will need.

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