Can an ASUS RT-AC3100 be used as a node to a Alien router and mesh node kit?

  • Hello everyone,
    New to the community and am considering purchasing the Alien kit for the router and mesh node, but I am currently running on just a Asus RT-AC3100 and it seems be running okay but want to add more coverage to my house. I like the looks and feature set on the Alien but before dropping $800 I just want to know if I'll be able to reuse this router or not? Thank you all for considering my question and any help you might provide.

  • @tnbwilson There is no way to mesh and manage the Asus in the AmpliFi app, so the only way I know that you could us would be to place the Asus into bridge mode. I do not know what type of performance you could expect, I would suggest reaching out to Asus to confirm this scenario.

  • Okay thank you so much @UI-AmpliFi

  • I took the plunge and the router and mesh is on the way!

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