BEWARE- AMPLIFI SENDS OUT KILL UPDATES- they bricked my unit that was barely two years old with an update I did not ask for and will NOT help out not replace it even though not

  • HAS ANYONE HAD SIMILAR TO HAPPEN? I need to know if this is a "known issue" with anyone else???
    See also my post from 7/9/20 for more details....
    Basically my unit was barely two years old in June. It was working perfectly, I had added meshpoints to expand it and invested more money than the base unit. They sent an update last weekend. I touch the apply button on the screen and it has been frozen since. Nothing will reset it, no paperclip reset, holding it in for more than a minute, holding it in while power is cycled, NOTHING. Can't use any of the UI because it doesnt see the device anymore. I have contacted support to no avail, they refer me to RMA dept (3 times) and they tell me because it is over one year old, NO replacement!!
    BEWARE- all is good until they send out a killer update and then they want you to buy new system. Sounds like a good racket to me!! I have asked @Amplifi-HD for help many times now but only get run in a circle back to RMA team (Kyrie Yetter) who says "no known issue- out of warranty"

  • That's not how the system works.

    They send a notification to your unit letting you know that an update is available. If you want to then go read the release notes and decide if you want the update or not, you can request and install the update. You also have the option to dismiss the update or just let it sit there for a while.

    I do get that the release notes likely didn't say, 'You might not be able to boot afterwards', but to say they 'push kill updates' is just a flat out misunderstanding of how the technology works at best and a decptive lie meant to harm the company at worst.

    I've had Amplifi since it came out, and installed pretty much every update, including the betas, since. I have never had an issue where it completely bricked the device. I have had to restore from recovery mode, for which I pretty much signed up my system as a sacrificial lamb when I went into the beta program (not saying you did). Many of us INTENTIONALLY take the risk by being in the beta program to help make sure YOU don't have this problem. So it's a bit insulting to a lot of people when you imply they just want to ruin your device so you buy another one.

    Based on the previous thread, I suspect I'll just get insults back in reply, but for anyone who didn't see the other thread, I want to make sure the facts are out there as well.

    As they say, "You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar". Regardless as to what you may have discussed with support in a private chat, to come into the community forum blasting incorrect accusations isn't going to help your case. There are likely folks here that would help you hook up a serial TTL to the board and see where it's failing on boot and get your device going again (done that myself with a mesh point). However, you're not exactly coming off as someone that'd be appreciative of the help.

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