IPv6 slow performance

  • I’ve been having a problem with MUCH slower performance than expected today with my Amplifi HD network. I’ve been fiddling around with my home network for a couple of weeks testing different configurations such as Amplifi in bridge mode etc.

    Today I tried reverting to PPPoE and DHCP server tasks being done by Amplifi after a couple of weeks of other devices doing those.

    I hadn’t had a problem with IPv6 when I was using other routers so I turned it on when resetting up Amplifi.

    I couldn’t understand why even when connected via Ethernet I was getting really slow speedtest results. I’ve got 900/110 internet connection and normally via WiFi I would get somewhere around 200/100 minimum.

    Today, with IPv6 enabled I was getting between 50/50 and 150/50. Never anything higher than 200/100 when normally that would be the minimum (would often get 450/110).

    I turned of IPv6 and the speeds increased enormously.

    Presumably a limitation in the hardware of the Amplifi HD or a bug in the software?

  • @Robinlmp Generating support files from your system when you are experiencing these issues will help us in identifying what exactly is happening.

    Can you test your IPv6 speeds with Hardware NAT enabled and disabled?

  • @UI-AmpliFi to be honest, the performance was still significantly worse when having Amplifi doing routing and DHCP so I’ve reverted back to bridge mode and just using it as WiFi access points.

    I’ve spent so much time over recent weeks trying to get to the bottom of a series of problems I’m not really inclined to spending more time reverting to a broken set up just to provide diagnostic info. I’ve done more than most people do and come here to tell you that there is a major problem.

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