Teleport Ethernet Connection

  • Hey Guys, It's Brandon in the Bubble (NBA Bubble)

    I have gotten my Teleport to connect to Amplifi HD at home however the Ethernet Port on the Teleport seems to still be in WAN mode looking for Internet rather than LAN mode connecting to the switch it's plugged into. My Teleport is connected to WiFi via a hotel 5g connection and I can use it to connect back to my Home Network. I should say that I am trying to connect a Unifi Switch 8 150 Watt back to My Unifi Network with a Dream Machine acting as a Controller/Router. What are some of the things I might be doing wrong?


  • @Bsams if you have a dream machine at home.. just get another USG do a site to site VPN... I am not sure you can connect the Teleport in that manner.. but I haven't used it very much.

  • Actually (after a few hours of troubleshooting in quarantine) it’s working great. I had to set up a few port forwarding rules to make the connections but I’m up and running. But a USG would have made it way simpler. Thanks for the reply.

  • I am about to take the plunge and get the UDM to replace my Amplifi system. I also absolutely need the Teleport’s easy VPN while traveling. Would you be willing to share the port forwarding rules and the way in which you integrated the Amplifi Hd into the UDM’S network? Your help would be very much appreciated.

  • Basically, I just opened a port through the UDM to the my Amplifi HD. I used 443, but really you could use almost any port. I would suggest turning on logging that way you know when the port you opened up is in use. As for the actual rules, I left it open from anywhere (closed now though). Forward Ip is the address of my HD and I allowed both protocols. Good Luck!

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