Set Up Process

  • I deeply apologize if I messed this subject after reviewing the threads, But I am having difficulty today, as I somehow got the router to work, but had to unplug the modem and now it doesn’t. Work. I didn’t realize that AmpliFi is not providing either phone support or enabling the chat function, but again, it was working last night. I am completely ignorant about setting up modems and routes, and I was of the understanding that this would be a snap with this router.

  • @Maurice-Alexander In some environments, it is important that AmpliFi is fully powered on and booted before the modem (this is reviewed in the setup instructions which is probably why you had it working the first time around).

    I suggest unplugging both your modem and AmpliFi from power, then start by plugging in the AmpliFi Router only. Once you see the message on the LCD screen "Plug in Cable", power on the modem. Modems can take up to 5-10 minutes to fully boot up, which during that process the LCD screen on your AmpliFi may change back and forth between different screens.

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