Slow speeds compared to leased fiber capable modem

  • I recently upgraded and changed ISPs from Spectrum to FiOptics, which has speeds up to true gig internet.

    I get very close to my rated speeds of 300/100 when plugged directly into the modem. However, when I plug into the Amplifi HD, I get only around 55/45. Is it possible that I would be loosing 3/4 of my speed by plugging into the router directly using ethernet? Seems like a massive bottleneck.

    I am also experiencing less than great speeds on wifi when sitting feet away from the router.

    My previous provider was so much slower that I never had these issues, as I had no real benchmark to go off of.

  • Hmmm I believe an upcoming firmware should address this. I also have gig fiber service and with a current beta firmware I was able to get pretty good speeds.

    alt text

    Now speed tests are not the end all to be all but they do help show what wired speeds you could get. I've done other tests and got better and worse numbers.

    alt text

    I believe (cannot confirm) that the older / current firmware has seen some reported slower speeds but believe this will be addressed shortly.

  • Thanks. I just filled out the survey for the beta program, apparently the fix is already in beta? Cool either way. Speeds are plenty fast for what I do, but would like to avoid using the modem as a connection point if possible, and would like to see if I can get closer to rated speeds from the wireless as well.

    First is direct to modem. Second is direct to Amplifi. Seems testing at a different time got me a much better result. This is odd.



  • Sadly that's normal for speed tests. Check out DSL Reports Speed Test, I've had better luck with them, but as you can see your speeds are going to bounce around. As long as you're around the speeds you'll be ok. I've had 1gb/1gb for a few years and I hardly see download speeds about 60MB/s (600Mb/s).

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