Alien hangs during initialization

  • Brand new (week old) unit, running 3.4.0. Rebooted the unit via iOS app and it's stuck in "restarting". Power-cycled it and it's stuck in "99% initializing". Seems like a software bug? I've filed a RMA, but wanted to check with others if this is a known software vs. hardware issue.

  • @masputra There have been reports of this and I personally received one of the effected units for testing. I could not replicate on iOS or Android (most reports are on iOS). So we are still working on identifying what is causing this, it is believed to be firmware related, specific to the type of mobile device being used.

  • same issue with mine. Less than a week and first the wifi is unstable and had to be reloaded many times and after a software update it was slightly more stable but yesterday i had to reboot because i lost internet connectivity and i rebooted from the app but when i checked the router it was stuck on 99% initialization. I unplugged the power and plugged it back in and again it was stuck on 99% initialization...after one more time it came up but i can't reach any of my devices remotely but i can locally.

  • @allan-sj said in Alien hangs during initialization:

    but i can't reach any of my devices remotely but i can locally.

    Do you mean the remote management feature in the AmpliFi app? Does it still show connected or does it indicate that your system needs to be added to a remote account?

    Are you using an iOS device or an Android device to trigger the reboot?

  • I am using Android and I have already set up the remote management feature and when i try to open up the amplifi app it says it's unable to locate device. And I have quite a few smart devices connected to my network that I access remotely from outside my network and now I am unable to for example my nest thermostats.

  • @UI-AmpliFi I can somewhat reproduce this reliably. I have 2 Alien units; this one having issue is a remote unit connected via Ethernet backbone (on the WAN port) to the main unit. This remote unit is also connected via Ethernet (on the LAN port) to a bunch of Ethernet-based devices. If I unplug the cable connected to the LAN port, the unit comes up fine. I.e. after 50% or so initializing, it quickly progresses to 100%. In the bad case, it's slowly progressing to 99% and gets stuck there.

    I am not sure if it's related to the iOS app, since the issue was still happening even after a manual power-cycle.

  • @adi-masputra Hello, Your scenario looks like Ethernet loop. If you unplug Ethernet cable connecting Router and RaMP then RaMP should become inaccessible from router (LCD displays connecting, offline in mobile app), but instead you see that problem is resolved. That means that there is still another Ethernet connection from Router LAN port (through some third party Ethernet switch or device plugged in RaMP LAN port) that goes into RaMP LAN port. Ethernet loop might explain that CPU gets overloaded and it slowly crawls towards 99%. You can test this theory by enabling STP in WebUI. It would resolve loop by blocking some LAN port and you should be able to see that device boots even when RaMP WAN is plugged into router LAN.

  • @UI-AmpliFi any way I can check the status of the RMA? The unit has been received according to UPS, but there's no status update on when I'd be getting a replacement unit sent to me.

  • @masputra Yes, please send me a PM with your RMA number and I will request an update for you

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