iPhone 8 with amplify hd - no external access

  • Looking for suggestions on a problem I'm having with my Iphone8 running IOS 11.1.2. Our other wifi products including iPhone 5C, iPhone 7, MacBook work fine. This started in the last day or two.

    I can connect to the wifi, however I can't access anything out of the house with the strange exception of occasional slick deals notifications. If I connect to the time warner provided wifi everything works. I did some basics including restarting the phone, confirming the IP address is in the valid range, router address is correct, forgetting the network and adding it back in; reset network settings, set DNS to

    I have no issues connecting to the Amplify unit using the app, though only one point of reference I appear to be having problems going through the gateway.

    thoughts? anyone else seeing similar behavior?

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