Alien + MOCA adapter

  • I don’t have the ability/desire to run ethernet and do a wired backhaul. But I recently learned about MOCA adapters.

    Anyone have experience using them? Do you recommend using them?

  • @marcdecarli We have had other users that have done this with some success, just make sure they create a bridged network and there is no NAT or routing between them.

  • @marcdecarli I have my Alien and Mesh Point on a MoCA network. It was tricky at first but solved many of the little quirks I had, that were mostly caused by the MoCA (it seems to confuse routers at times).

    1. Make sure you have a MoCA-compliant passive splitter (You don’t want one that has any power passing, unless you need to pass power for Cable TV) at demarcation point. If you do need to pass power, try to find one that only passes power on one port. Also, get an unbalanced splitter and attach the unbalanced (lower dB) port to the line feeding your modem.
    2. Make sure you have two POE filters, one right before the demarcation splitter and the other on your modem’s coax line (especially important with a DOCSIS 3.1 modem).
    3. If you have a network switch, make sure that’s the only thing connected to the router. Feed the Ethernet line going to the MoCA adapter from the switch (this one caused me strange issues for some reason when it was connected to the LAN port on the router, with another Ethernet line going to the switch).
    4. Make sure you pair the mesh points to the router wirelessly next to the router, enable wired backbone, plug an Ethernet cable directly into the router to complete the setup then disconnect the mesh point and place it in its spot, and connect it to its own MoCA adapter.
    5. I highly recommend factory resetting your modem after you install your MoCA network, as your downstream and upstream power levels will change. This should allow your modem to reset its frequency range.

  • @abseibes good information. I use MOCA 2.5 adapters and was curious why two POE filters in the setup? I use an Antronix Amplifier MOCA rated with built in POE but not one at the modem. I haven’t had many issues regarding MOCA but just wanted to know the reasoning behind a 2 filter setup?

  • @Seeavling The reason for two POE filters is because MoCA and DOCSIS 3.1 frequencies overlap. With a POE filter at demarcation point keeping signals within the network, those signals will travel into the modem and since there is some overlap the modem will try to process them and possibly get overloaded. You want the signals to reach the intended device on the network and not get lost along the way. I found all of this by looking at the connection status page of my modem and noticed a high number of uncorrectable codewords on OFDMA channels.

    Link to the white paper from MoCA discussing coexistence of signals between DOCSIS 3.1 and MoCA.
    Article from Broadband Technology Report

  • @iamaydo thanks for the link. I have checked my uncorrectable errors before I got the Antronix 902B 8 way splitter. I had some errors prior to installing the amplifier. After I installed it and rebooted everything no errors. I don’t have a filter connected to the back of the modem however I have seen a couple of videos were people have put filters there as well. I think with the splitter I have it has a dedicated coax port for the modem itself which probably does the same as putting another filter right at the back of the modem. I just never heard a good explanation as to why two filters would be necessary but it makes sense now.

  • @marcdecarli if you decide to use MOCA I would highly suggest Antronix Amplifier 902B 8 way splitter or the 502b 4 way splitter to run your MOCA adapters (depending how many rooms you will be using MOCA). It has a built in Poe filter to protect your signal from escaping your home and you won’t experience signal loss using it as many splitters cause some signal loss. has MOCA adapters that can handle up to 2.5 gigs of data over coax. I run seven adapters in my home and get over 900 mbps in each room (wired speeds). They sellout quickly though but worth the wait. Also don’t forget to use 75 ohm terminators to close off any unused ports to also help prevent signal loss also.

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