VLAN channel & QOS bit settings for WAN PORT

  • Why on earth would I spend money to get an AmpliFi HD router, because I have had great success in the past with your Edge series.

    1. Imagine my disgust, and disappointment learning that while you do have VLAN tagging, you do not have QOS as an option and as a result my Gigabit Ethernet service provided by Google Fiber performs like a typical crappy 100MB service from any provider you can throw a stick at.

    2. Worse yet the basic setup screen doesn't support describing a VLAN channel, and obviously since you didn't bother to include QOS bits you have to wait for the base station to come up then force a WiFi connection to stay up even if you don't have a public IP and then you can use the AmpliFi Application to apply VLAN channel.

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