Filter incoming IPv6 connections by allowed port number

  • Thank you for adding the ability to pass through incoming IPv6 connections.

    However, it's all-or-nothing. Either I have to disable IPv6 entirely, or let in every incoming IPv6 connection (as if there were no firewall).

    Would it be possible to have an allow list for TCP/UDP ports, for allowing IPv6 incoming traffic? Block all other incoming traffic, unless it's on the allow list.

    Because every device has its own global address with IPv6, there's no need for port forwarding, making routers simpler and faster. This is good. It should be fairly straightforward to implement an allow list: just let people enter the TCP/UDP port numbers they wish to allow, and block everything else. (For extra credit, allow protocol numbers to be treated the same way, so entire protocols can be allowed/blocked.)

    Any chance of this happening? Thanks for reading this!

  • @Josh-Lehan not at this time, but I can add this as a feature request! Thank you for sharing

  • OK, thanks! As IPv6 becomes increasingly important, this will become more urgent. I want to allow only some port numbers in for IPv6, without having to allow them all.