XBOX on AmpliFi HD

  • Got my amplifi up and running today and was able to game with my Xbox. Only on IPV4 with a moderate NAT. Didn’t have any issues whatsoever(used to with xfinity provided gateway). Anything I can do to make gameplay smooth and without issues? I’ve thought about changing my DNS servers to the google server but that is about it. Hesitant to turn ipv6 on because I’ve had icmp issues in the past.


  • @totalpause The most common issue with Xbox is the NAT type, which can be resolved with port forwarding rules being created. This Article reviews this, with links to other webpages that may help you get everything configured.

  • Thanks for this. Any thoughts on changing my DNS to the google DNS? and Should i keep IPV6 off? I had problems in the past with the ICMP being blocked for some reason.

  • @totalpause Your DNS can be Google, it is really up to you. IPV6 can be turned on if your service provider supports this feature.

  • @UI-AmpliFi any real benefit to having the google dns over the comcast DNS?
    Also, i know comcast supports it but ive had issues in the past with it and when i do the ipv6 test at I always get this message:

    Your router or firewall is filtering ICMPv6 messages sent to your computer.

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