Slow WiFi 6 speeds on IPhone 11pro max

  • I have an ATT 1g up and down fiber plan. I’ve noticed that when my iPhone 11 Pro Max is connected to either the main or satellite router, speeds are poor and erratic and range is equally bad.
    Can anyone help me out here?

  • @Naijadoc We can review support files from your system to see if we can identify the cause for this. Please run a speed test from the AmpliFi mobile app, as well as from a 3rd party speed test before downloading the support files so the data has current statistics.

    When you run the AmpliFi app speed test, what does your internal speed between the iPhone 11 and the Alien report?

  • I had the same issues as you, plus WiFi calling issues. I forgot the WiFi network and rebooted the phone, then joined back. That fixed the speed but WiFi calling was still an issue along with not wanting to connect to WiFi 6. Two iPhone 11s and two iPad Pros don’t have any problems almost always staying connected to WiFi 6 with fast speeds.

    Chatted with support today regarding the WiFi calling. They had me give the phone gaming priority, which seems to have helped WiFi calling it’s too early to tell if it’ll keep its WiFi 6 connection over WiFi 5.

  • @iamaydo rebooting and all that did not help. What irks me the most is the lack of phone support for something costing more than $700. Am out

  • @Naijadoc I know it won’t help much but I also have an 11 Pro Max, iPad Pro, iPhone 7 and my wife’s XS. Our coverage is better than our previous Apple router with speed tests matching or exceeding what we saw previously. The one serious concern I had was that I cannot manually select a channel for the 5 GHz band of the WiFi 6 network. With the previous router I could and found that 149 gave the best connection speed and range. However that has not been an issue and so far, fingers crossed, performance has been excellent in every respect.

    What I would recommend if you haven’t already done so is to name the 2.4 and 5 networks separately and only connect to the 5. In my condo building there are just too many nearby networks to even think about using 2.4. Results on that are much worse even while range is better.

  • @John-Pappas thanks for the suggestion. I appreciate. The issue with using separate 5GHz WiFi 6 point is that it is created only on that specific router ie the main or satellite and will not switch if u let’s say move closer to a different node

  • @Naijadoc I understand. I’m only using a single Alien. Most of the complaints I see here - wifi calling or speed issues - seem to be related to the use of an additional device. I was specifically looking at an Alien because from what I had read one should be sufficient for my apartment. I’m glad I didn’t have to add any additional complexity to my situation.

  • @John-Pappas interesting info. Also earlier today I signed up via the web portal for the Beta software program, downloaded the latest software. Saw improvement in my speeds. Had 750-815 down and 495-532 up on WiFi 6 on my iPhone 11 Pro Max on my main router only. The Mesh units still has issues with Wifi 6 speeds

  • @Naijadoc Send me a support file! I can take a look and make some educated suggestions after I see the environment.

  • @UI-AmpliFi ok. Will do that once I get home. Thanks

  • @UI-AmpliFi I sent the support files1_1595888407429_013861A5-443B-4034-ADD4-D6ABE475949E.png 0_1595888407428_C0B36BAA-9B6C-4774-9B2E-1087FEAE8DA0.png

  • @Naijadoc I will follow up when I review the file!

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Naijadoc Be curious what your configuration looks like, if you care to explain. I see nowhere near those speeds.

  • @UI-AmpliFi still waiting on your response

  • @unseenone please review my earlier posts. Had poor WiFi 6 speeds with the main router and mesh point on my iPhone 11pro max. Actually had better speeds when connected on WiFi 5.
    But this changed after I signed up for the beta program and installed the beta software.the above speeds are what I get on the main router. Speeds on the MeshPoint and overall range remains poor

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