Just purchased AmpliFi HD with 2 extending Antennas - MESH

  • Wireless setup was simple and everything works well with the DEFAULT SSID 'AmpliFI'
    If i set up a second SSID, for example 'AmpliFi-5GHz' I see it and connect to it but the signal is weak even when close to the router.

    Do I also need to force my MESH Antennas to 5 GHz with that same SSID 'AmpliFi-5Ghz' ?

    My thought process was any devices I have (which maybe only one or two) that do not have 5 GHz capability can connect to the DEFAULT SSID and everything else to the 5GHz.

    but so far nothing connecting to 5 GHz has a very strong signal no matter how close to the Router or Antennas that the device is. XBox is only getting an average of 24 Mbps and i have a 200 Mbps internet connection and it is right next to an Antenna. The XBox on the DEFAULT SSID has full bars on the connection the the speed test is the same.

    My main PC is wired in directly to the router and it is performing very well with great speed. Other laptops and PC's on the DEFAULT SSID and the 'AmpliFi-5GHz' also perform very well.

    My issue is with ROKU's and Gaming consoles on the SSID forced to 5 GHz. with weak signal strength.

    Maybe i do not have something set up correctly?

    Can someone please help me?

    I know that maybe a lot to digest but I can elaborate more and take it one issue at a time.

    Thank you,

  • @Disco-Pymp the default SSID supports both 2.4 and 5 Ghz and so there is really no need for you to create an additional SSID for your use case.

  • yes... Default SSID works fine on all devices but speeds on and sometimes lag on gaming consoles is not as fast I I would expect being within 10 feet of the MESH point Antenna. Both MESH points are in the GOOD signal range also at aroun d -59 dBm's.
    Pretty much on all defaults in the setup now. Is there anything i can do to improve gaming console speeds short of running a CAT cable?

  • Yes, I did do that after my last reply and before you replied back to me. It did not speed up my connection but did change the connection on the XBOX from 2.4 to 5 GHZ. I also enabled Band and Router Steering. Yet the wireless test on the XBox is averaging 24 Mbps down and about the same up. It should be over 100 Mbps. No other devices were connected when i was testing with the XBox and I do have a 200 Mbps internet connection. A laptop connected to the wireless throughout the house tests at over 200 Mbps. I realize it maybe testing with a Microsoft server on the other side of the world but the the old router that died a "Linksys WRT3200ACM" the speeds on the XBOX were over a 100 Mbps and that router was in the basement and the XBox is on the 2nd floor.

    On a positive note -
    So far the stability seems pretty solid. I haven't dropped any internet or wireless connections.


  • @Disco-Pymp Is your XBOX connected to the near mesh point or is it connected to the further away router? If it is the latter then maybe try turning router steering off and aim to get it to connect to the nearest WiFi source. Also have you tried looking at the advanced WiFi options in the web UI?


  • HI Ali,
    The XBox is only like 10 feet away from a mesh point. I did turn off 'Router Steering'.
    That being said, there is a heavier load on my system now. Two TV's steaming and two gaming systems going and I am having constant drops to the internet. I'm getting frustrated. I dont think this can handle the load.

  • Hi Ali,

    Rebooted the Router after disabling "Router Steering" and now everything looks pointed to the nearest access point.
    I hope it stays stable. It's been bout 20 minutes since the reboot and no drops yet.

    If not I will be returning it for a better solution. Would the Alien work better for my circumstance? I did not know the Alien was an option when i purchased the Amplifi HD at Best Buy yesterday. It sounds like the Alien would be a much better fit for my home.


  • @Ali-Hadi oh and yes, the only setting in the Advanced settings that is currently enabled is "Enable automatic backbone band switching"


  • @Ali-Hadi I just purchased the Alien. I am like the Amplifi HD but I think the Alien will deliver better speeds and work much better with the amount of devices I have in my house.

    Returning the HD to Best Buy. I wish they had the Alien in the physical store.

    Thank you,

  • @Disco-Pymp the Alien is definitely worth a try (although unfortunately we don't have it available here on this side of the pond). Hope it works better for you. Good luck.

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