Aliens broadcasting on different channels?

  • I have an Alien with a mesh point and an Alien in RAMP on a wired backbone network. Today, while troubleshooting the reason my iPhone 11 Pro Max will not stay on WiFi 6 or WiFi Calling, I noticed each AP is broadcasting every band on a different channel through NetSpot app. When I selected a manual channel for 2.4 GHz, only the router switched to that band. The rest remained on channels 6 and 11. Same with 5 GHz WiFi 5 and 5 GHz WiFi 6 (although one is auto and cannot be changed). I don’t have a lot of interference where I live, so I don’t believe that’s the issue.

    Is it the network being out of sync? Or is it designed to completely hog 2.4 GHz non-overlapping channels and use as much as possible in 5 GHz channels?

    As it stands now, I’m using 9 separate channels. I’ve never had or heard of a router doing that. Can someone please explain?

  • @iamaydo I noticed this as well with the 3 AP's I use. If I specify a channel (i.e. not auto) it seems only the main AP changes, the other two AP's do their own thing. This seems funny to me, no?

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