ISP putting modem in bridge mode issue

  • I just got my Alien and every time my ISP 'Mediacom' puts the modem in bridged mode the Alien does not have internet access. It does not get the external IP assigned to it. Do i just need to purchase my own modem? One that is only a modem without all the ISP junk on it. If so, what model? DOCSIS 3.1?
    Is that a chance that the Alien just is not compatible with my modem? Right now i have internet but 2 active routers. Do i have to get a list of recommended compatible modems from my ISP?
    Let me know,

  • @Disco-Pymp make sure you shut the Alien and modem off. Then plug the Alien in and let it boot up, after it is booted plug the modem in.

  • I was going to try that next from looking at the trouble shooting steps on you website but every time my ISP puts their cable modem in bridged mode the cable modem gets stuck in a boot loop. I am going to go purchase my own docsis 3.1 cable modem. Probably a ARRIS - SURFboard 32 x 8 DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem.
    There are no compatibility issues with the Alien and any cable modems that you know of are there?

  • @Disco-Pymp No, the Alien will work well with the Arris. If it is stuck in a boot loop it would appear as though that modem is defective.

  • My impatience caused similar issues with some other gear. Be sure to completely disconnect the power on the cable modem and the Alien for a couple of minutes. Let the cable modem completely boot up, then try powering up your Alien. If there is nothing between your cable modem, and your Alien, ie: directly plugged into the power on the cable modem and the power on the bottom of the Alien, then you should NOT be in bridge mode on the Alien. The DHCP function is provided by the separate wireless device provided in those packages (like my Spectrum)-- I wanted to eliminate that wireless hotspot, and struggled a little initially to get it work issue my device the single IP we get. I also bought the Arris, but due to internet/isp issues and response times being all over the board, and speeds nowhere near what they are supposed to be, the cable company put their modem back online. The speeds are much more consistent now, although the response times are still a little crazy, but I believe our node can become saturated at times (300+ms response) 3 hops up.

    If you don't have much invested in your setup, it might be worthwhile to do a factory reset and start over. Your setup shouldn't take more than a few minutes.

    I hope this helps.

  • I got the new modem which is a modem only. Everything was up in running in minutes. I am still having issues with losing internet sporadically though. Both my wife and myself are using VPN's and the internet is dropping quite often. My main PC is wired right in to the Alien and everything else in the house is on wireless. But i am fairly certain it is not the router causing my issue. The ISP is supposed to be sending a tech to test our lines inside and outside on Monday.

    I have tried everything. The ISP put a filter on the line in the house. I removed that but that did not help.

    I am about ready to jump off the curb! and its not a little curb ..... it is probably at least 5 inches off the ground.


  • @Disco-Pymp OK, good, I had issues like that in the beginning where my modem used to reboot, then after upgraded severe speed issues. Spectrum sent a tech out, they redid all the lines, and we also eliminated TV lines, and a booster in the house. We tested, they send a followup tech, who replaced the modem after doing some more testing, it was solid on 940+. Then problems developed, which they sent a tech out again, and did some checking and research, determined that our upstream node was saturated at times, so we are now collecting data and sending that back to one of their leads.

    So, I know patience is required, but if you stick with it, and try the nice approach, hopefully you'll get some technical insight as to what is happening.

    I would be concerned, or curious about running two separate VPNs, so if you can't collect log data, it might be worth attempting to alternate a day each and see if that changes the symptoms at all.. although it does not seem like it should crash the modem..

    Keep us posted, to often things are resolved, and nobody comes back to tell everyone the outcome, and solution.

  • My cable line is split when i come in the house with a 1 in to 2 splitter. On of the splits goes to the modem and the other one goes to another splitter that goes to the TV's throughout the house. I bypassed that splitter and hooked the modem up with no splits. It is seeming to work better but I believe your correct on something being flooded upstream. I am still having frequent random internet loss. I highly doubt the ISP tech is going to find an issue Monday when he is here. But I really do love my Alien router so far. It is totally worth the spend from what I have seen to this point. As far as 2 different VPN's, the problem happens regardless if we are using the VPN's or not. So, that pretty much rules out my thoughts on the VPN's being the crux of the problem.

  • Ok, the ISP tech has been here and gone. He put a new filter on my line outside the house and took a filter off inside the house and put a new splitter in. My internet seems to be stable now. Now i seem to have a new issue. My Alien is in the same location of the house but i do not have the coverage i seemed to have before. Especially to the Playstation 4 upstairs. I have a 2 story house and the Alien is in the center in the basement by the ceiling. Even my Ipad does not work in that room upstairs now and swear it did before. the signal strength looks strong. the XBox One in the room right next to it on the second floor works fine. The Alien is on mostly defaults and im not broadcasting with additional radios. Band Steering is enabled. The router is in the same place my Linksys WRT3200ACM has always been and it covered the house without a problem (until it died). And like i said, I swear it covered the house before the ISP tech was here.

  • I really hope i don't have to move my router or purchase a mesh point. For that matter can you purchase the mesh point only for the Alien? Like the one that comes in the $700.00 combo?
    I was going to try to put DDWRT on another router and make it an AP bridged repeater but not sure if that would work with the Alien. Someone throw a coupon my way for a mesh point. I think the wife is gonna kill me if i spend anymore money. I have been reading in the forums that PS4's just might have issues with speed and stability with the Alien. Is that true?

  • Installed the Beta firmware and it is functioning now. getting consistent 40 Mbps download speed tests on the PS4 in the far bedroom and the IPad also works throughout the house. That is far better than it was and is now functional. I also checked every advanced setting -

    "Bypass DNS Cache"
    "Enable Automatic backbone band switching"
    "802.11r - Fast BSS Transition"
    "802.11k - Neighbor Report"
    "802.11v - BSS Transition Management"

    I did not check any of the Beta options as of yet.
    I have also optimized the game consoles for "Gaming"
    and the TVs for "Streaming"

    Like i said i have a stand alone Alien with no mesh points. So some of those Advanced settings shouldn't make a difference since there is only the Router.


  • @Disco-Pymp Thank you for the follow up on your situation! You are correct, features like automatic backbone switching and 802.11v will not impact your network since you only have the router installed.

    In regards to the AmpliFi MeshPoint, the Alien mesh point is not sold separately, only in the Alien kit priced $699 on the AmpliFi store. The Alien router however can be added to another Alien router to create a mesh network, with each Alien router at $379.
    The biggest difference between buying the kit vs two Alien routers, and the $60 savings, is because the mesh point does not have the LCD screen display, nor the 4 port LAN switch on the back. Some users for this reason, prefer two stand alone Alien router.

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