Meshpoint (still) behaving badly

  • Re: Meshpoint behaving badly

    Has there been any solution to the problem with clients connected to mesh point randomly having almost no throughput until the mesh point is rebooted..

    I keep seeing people reporting the problem, but never any solution. I have reported to support, gone through all the steps of checking levels, changing all sorts of settings etc.. but still the meshpoint needs regular reboots.

    I was till now only unpausing the mesh when I really needed access from a dead spot in my house, but now I need it on all the time and so this bug is a major problem.

    I am considering replacing the setup but would prefer not to.. I did think about getting an Amplifi Instant and using ethernet to connect it to the hd, but its a lot of money when I don't know if that will also have the same problem..

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