3.4.1 issues with Roku Streaming TV

  • Hi,

    I've got an AmpliFi HD setup with 6 mesh throughout the house. Worked great for the last 6 months but 2 nights ago, our HiSense Roku TV will connect (5ghz/separate 2.4, both WPA2, guest w/no password) and disconnect. The dreaded Roku Error 009. Factory reset and same deal. There is a streaming stick upstairs and its fine. That same TV, if I pair it on my old Asus N66U or phone in hotspot mode works just fine. Tried the hidden menu on the Roku, disabling ping, etc. Nothing changed with the AmpliFi setup. No devices have joined since this, and I was right between firmware 3.4.0 and 3.4.1.

    Common denominator is the AmpliFi system, so I suspect there was something that changed but not having any logs makes it challenging to debug. When I do link up to my old router, it's sitting next to (3 antenna, no mesh) where the HD base is, but the TV is normally within 20' line-of-sight to one of the mesh points, so I know it's not that. Obviously, not a signal issue. No new devices.

    After the RokuTV tries to associate, it says it cannot connect but it, in fact, does have an IP and I can ping it with <20ms latency, but the Roku won't work at all.

    How can I debug this?


  • Is there still 3.4.2-rc0 ?
    In Alien there is already 3.4.2-rc1 or 2.

  • @aattrr Drop us a support file after the error.

  • @Eric35 Alien is doing 3.4.1rc2. The issue above is with the HD-series; they don’t use the same firmware.

  • @UI-AmpliFi Hi, I submitted it to your help [at] email. Is there anything I can do in the meantime? I figured the easiest, besides the spare router acting as AP, would be downgrade to 3.3.0

  • @aattrr You can use the rollback feature in the Web Interface to return to the previous firmware version and see if that helps in the meantime.

  • @UI-AmpliFi 3.4.1 did not help. Same issues. I was on 3.4.2rc0

  • @aattrr Do you know a firmware version it was on prior that worked? If so, I can help you manually roll back for a test.

  • @UI-AmpliFi 3.4.0 was the last I recall that worked. When I try to rollback, this is the screen that appears:

    alt text

    I assume you can get me a link to the 3.4.0 firmware and I can manually update? Happy to try

  • @aattrr PM me for the file.

  • @UI-AmpliFi Hi, I downgraded to 3.3.0 on all Mesh HD + Router and same issue. Still connects fine to my Pixel 3a (pictured) and to my Asus N66U AP. I sent another support file dump to help@ just now.


    When connecting to AmpliFi Mesh alt text

    Tethered to my Phone: alt text

    Info from the Hi-Sense TV alt text

    Screencap from the advanced Wi-Fi Menu when it thinks it is connected to AmpliFi alt text

    What next?

  • @aattrr First, update your system to the latest firmware since we know it is not related to 3.4.1. Then attempt a connection like you just showed above, and generate support files. We can view that device if you provide the MAC ID in the email, and see if we can identify why it is disconnecting/providing no internet access.

  • I have seen this as a known issue with Roku powered TVs. You may get it to work by fully factory restarting the TV, but that may only be temporary. Can you run ethernet to it? That might help to troubleshoot.

  • @UI-AmpliFi Just tried with 3.4.0 and same thing. I'll update all to 3.4.1 and try again. Mac address is 34:F1:50:99:3C:EB - I sent the logs/tar/dump into help@

  • I think everyone here will laugh: the device was paused. That was the issue.

    I'm not sure how it got paused because I'm the only admin and it takes a number of clicks to get to that screen in the app; likewise, I have no devices even configured for QoS or grouped.

    I do wish we could view logs. If the logs indicate a device that is paused being denied, it would have been easy to spot.

    Thanks for all the help!

  • @aattrr Glad to hear it was an easy fix!