Warning to all. Amplifi max wlan speed is only 170mbps.

  • Hi

    I have a 1000mbit connection.

    I purchased Ampifi Hd to take advantage of my new high speed connection.


    With a perfect signal in mesh points, the speeds is only 170mbit/s. This is when they are located in the same room as the router.

    The main router gives decent 500mbit/s wireless speed but mesh points, not matter where they are located, give only 170mbit/s

    This means, that i can no take advantage of my new high speed internet with wifi. And wifi is the whole point in mesh systems.

    With wired connection, Amplifi gives 900mbit/s, but i didn't buy this for wired connections.

    And the system was damn expensive and it's even slower than my previous old system.

    Here is the worst part:

    Accoring to Amplifi support, 170mbit/s is the normal speed with mesh points, even ideal conditions.

    So when buying Amplifi HD, prepare to be slowed down, a lot.

  • @El_Ucca While speeds through a MeshPoint certainly can be slower they are not "limited" to 170Mbps, your environment may be limiting you to this but in my setups I have achieved over 200Mbps using the HD MeshPoints. What settings do you have turned on in the Web UI of your AmpliFi?

  • @UI-AmpliFi Thanks for the reply.

    As i have a 1000mbps connection, it makes little to no difference if the speed is 170 or 200mbps. Even 200 is 5 TIMES slower than 1000.

    And my connection really gives 850-950mbps on every speed test, the only limiting factor here is Amplifi's very slow wifi.

    So having a 1 gigabit connection is completely useless with Amplifi.

  • @El_Ucca Are you testing on the 2.4GHz or 5GHz network?

  • 150-200Mbps is very normal for the meshpoints, as they do not have a dedicated back-haul. That is more than enough speed to do most things, Streaming, gaming, browsing.. etc. As for the main router 500mbps is what most AC routers will offer you in terms of max wireless speeds.

  • I am getting around 350-450mbps consistently Mesh to Mesh-- I believe that interference is the limiting factor. Share your configuration details so we might. My tests are based on a Mesh Node, "perfect" signal, device plugged into Ethernet Port on the unit. Doing my test in this instance with an xBox

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