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  • I'd like to kick off a bit of a discussion regarding the best way to optimize your WiFi experience. I do not know it all, but we can have a discussion and find the best overall setup, or combinations. This system is supposed to be simple; we need to define what simple / optimized setting will result in the best overall performance. More Later..

    One example, It would be to have a good, clear explanation of the various radios in the unit, as well as the best way to configure them. I have been "tinkering" with settings when I have a few minutes here and there, and observing various speed improvements, or slowdowns.

  • So Initially I more or less went with defaults, but I chose all the same access point names "ALIENONE" for discussion purpose.

    I tested by enabling all the radios, and speed was worse, so I disabled one by one the radios, and ended up with just the WiFi 6 radios.

    One thing for certain, is there are no WiFi 6 AP's in my area, but the area is saturated with WiFi connections, this is going to effect your wireless speeds, no matter what you do, short of an Ethernet cable.

    In the process of seeking an optimal connection, I have disconnected the two 2.4 Roku Devices from the network wireless. They will need to be replaced, more on that later.

    I tested with by Band Steering Enabled, and I tried enabling Router Steering. With Router Steering enabled, the performance was terrible (speed) So I have left Band Steering Enabled, and Turned Router Steering back off.

    My Speed Tests (940mb) connection have been averaging about 600mbps according to the Alien. So, what I observed was speed tests of about 150-200. What I have done yesterday, improved the speeds quite a bit.

    So, yesterday, I decided for lack of a better explanation of how the radios work in the unit, decided to play with the radios a bit. Perhaps we can get more information on how the radios work from the Tech Staff.

    I setup a separate 5GGhz radio "Additional 5Ghz" called "ALIEN5G" Radio I moved all my cameras to this, I also moved all Roku TV's and computers except our phones, and our AX capable computers to this new AP.

    I left the existing access point "ROUTER ADDITIONAL SSID""ALIENONE" The same setting on 5GHz and 2.4GHz The additional AP option there 5 Ghz is also "ALIENONE" and enabled.

    The Guest network is not enabled. Nor which radios it might use are defined to me, if it were.

    I observed the following performance increases, observed speeds on speed test are near 340 when everything works.

    Thoughts, comments, questions, etc. are welcome.


    Bear in Mind, we are still struggling to get a reliable Internet connection from Spectrum, but hopefully we will get there.


    And Here you will note, that our Alien is still reporting "out of this world" performance, but it might not actually reflect reality.



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