Extremely Slow Speed Test

  • Just replaced my Netgear Orbi AX6000 mesh system with the Amplifi Alien mesh system today .. I am on Suddenlink Communications (local cable company) with 1Gbps down / 50 Mbps up package .... I use an Arris SB8200 modem ... Alien is up and running, satellite is on ethernet backhaul ... when i run a speed test on my iPhone 11 Pro Max standing right next to the Alien router, i get a max of around 45-50 Mbps down and about 35-40 up ... on the Orbi i regularly got around 500-600 on the down with my iPhone ... weird part is that the SB8200 has 2 ethernet outputs on it ... we have a Netgear Nighthawk X10 in a back office of the house that is hooked up to the second port (and has been for a while) ... i can switch over to it's WiFi and get the 500-600 down when I am in there next to it, so I know I am getting my speed from Suddenlink and out of my cable modem ... is there something with the Alien that I am missing that would cause it to run that slow of a speed test?

    Edit: Also I have tested multiple devices on wifi and also hardwire speeds out of the Alien router ... all of them get the same slow speed test results

    Thanks... other than this issue, this system seems really awesome so I am hoping this can get resolved.

  • @Travis-Warner said in Extremely Slow Speed Test:

    SB8200 has 2 ethernet outputs on it

    Does your IPS provide you with two public IP addresses, one for each port? In my experience with the SB8200 and Xfinity, they only allow one port to be active at a time. Have you tested with only the Alien operating in your home to see if something else could be consuming your bandwidth?

  • @UI-AmpliFi

    Thanks for the response

    Previously until yesterday when I installed the Alien ... I was running my Orbis out of a port of the 8200 and my nighthawk out of the other port at the same time, could connect to the wifi or hardwire of either of them and easily get 550-650 down... i tried unplugging everything and running just the Alien by itself and still get only 30-45 down on both wifi and hardwire on multiple devices ... have rebooted the 8200 a few times, factory reset the alien, tried just one device on the alien at a time... same results .... i can take the alien out and plug the orbi and nighthawk back up and get the high speeds again... i have also tried different DNS servers in the Alien just to try it...

  • I believe I solved it... not sure if this would be true for everyone, but I had a Netgear CM1000 cable modem laying around. I called and had it activated on my account and my speeds are perfect now.... Not sure what it was but the Alien must not have liked something with the Arris SB8200 is all I can figure.

  • @Travis-Warner Hmmm...this week I had similar problems with my SB8200 that ran like a workhorse for almost 3.5yrs...then all of a sudden my mesh network went into the sewer and got caught up in the blame game with ISP, AMPLIFI, and Arris and nobody could figure out for 2days why my 200mbps service went to <5mbps. The AMPLIFI diags pointed to the hardware ports...only #4 was working other 3 were toast...I have them all surge protected so Dont think that was it. Got sooo frustrated for two solid days of no service. So I bought the Arris SBG8300 combo modem/router and runs like a champ! Upgraded ISP to 600mbps and it flies. So I ordered a new AMPLIFI mesh kit to run in Bridge mode to give me the s points i had in the house...just hope the high speed is the same on new mesh kit as the New Arris combo modem/router is doing right now.

  • @Rich-Sammon
    crazy stuff! I still don’t understand what the Alien didn’t like about the sb8200, but something was definitely up... i could unplug the alien and run my Nighthawk R9000 and my Netgear Orbis perfectly fine out of it... so i’m not convinced that anything was necessarily wrong with the sb8200, they just didn’t like each other for some reason..... changed out the sb8200 for the CM1000 and the alien runs like a champ lol.... very odd

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