Discrepancy In Speed Test Results Using Amplifi App

  • I’ve noticed this a few times using the on board speed test of the app with the new feature of measuring Alien to device speed. No complaints here, everything seems fine. But when I tap “Start Test” the download and then upload numbers I see flashing across I assume are the results from the isp to the router. Doing this a few minutes ago I saw numbers from the high 800s to mid 900s. I currently have Verizon’s gig service until August I believe. The last number I saw as the test ended was 908 - download. However when the screen went to the combined isp/device result display, the download number displayed 818 for download speed for the isp, on the upper part of the screen. I never once saw a number that low when they were flashing by and finally stopped at 908. Even if this 818 number were an average of the numbers in the test result I never saw a number less than 880-890 while also seeing numbers as high as 940-950. And once I tapped the Next button the data rate graph on the next screen was showing 980 or so.

    Again no complaints here, performance is great but I am trying to understand what’s being calculated and how the final numbers displayed on the results screen compare to what I saw while the test was running.

  • I don't think the app or the display share results. There seems to be two separate methods in play, I'm not confident in accuracy particularly upload speeds, and MS seem overly optimistic. You will of course get a bit of variance based on which server is being connected to, or pool of servers, and the load. I would say you are probably in pretty good shape though with those numbers. I'm guessing they are operating on a pool of servers, that they connect to, and using averages over time, you could get a sense over overall performance over time if I were guessing how it works.

  • All the results I mentioned are from the Amplifi app. I rarely mess with the Alien screen itself. When you first run the test you see the numbers fly by but you can tell what range they’re in. Then when it completes the next screen shows two results, from you isp to the Alien and from the Alien to the app/phone. The result from the isp portion is always less than what I saw as the test was running. Even if it’s an average its below any number I saw as it was running. Just trying to figure out how this is working. But no complaints my experience has been fantastic.

  • I started a performance topic, which is a topic more discussion and discovery is needed.

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