amplifi alien to australia

  • ye dont buy the alien in australia

    its europe model ax6000

    a guy bought the ax8000 and received ax6000 from wirelss1 reseller

    he is going to send it back and ask for refund

    this is misleading and false advertisement

    why i have to buy double price in current exchange and less hardware ?

    the router was so popular and they are making alot of sales

    why they wanna treat europe and australia like a second class customers and giving them less and charging them more ?

    dont buy the alien it will come as dual band same europe version

    and the other issue you cant setup the alien in the app and choose australia

    the guy said all he saw in the app canada and usa

  • The European and US Alien models have identical 802.11ax bandwidth potential

    The US model has an optional 802.11ac radio that can provide additional bandwidth capacity

    The European model covers the entire 5GHz band (5.2 & 5.8) with 802.11ax

    The US model can only utilize 802.11ax in the 5.8 GHz sub-band

    For the available channels Australia and Canada have the same regulatory requirements

    Using a ‘US’ configuration would bypass the Indoor Only channel settings of Canada & Australia

    The European model is also not certified yet for the US & Canada markets since it operates 802.11ax in the 5.2GHz sub-band

  • why they released the europe model for australia and didnt update the app to choose australia region

    when you set up the router in the iphone and android app

  • Hi @Ahmad-Ki - it doesn’t makes sense

    Is there an actual regulatory approval in Australia?

    Or did a distributor obtain approval based on the Canada configuration?

    Or is it a parallel import from Europe somehow getting around the regulatory requirements?

    I would believe if AmpliFi was the one releasing the product in Australia they would update the app accordingly and not take the risk

    This sounds like the actions of distributor operating on their own to bring the product in, especially if they were advertising the US model but selling the European spec

  • all the official resellers for ubiquiti are selling the alien

    all the resellers are listed on the ubiquiti international map

    so yes

    amplifi released it and didnt bother update the app to add australia

  • Hi @Ahmad-Ki - do the Aliens being sold in Australia have the mandatory Regulatory Compliance Mark on them?
    alt text

  • amplifi will investigate what is going on

    all official resellers selling ax8000 and ship it as ax6000 and the ax6000 that people got doesnt work in the amplifi app

    so when you set it up the amplifi alien wont show australia region

    its all chaos

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