Weird behavior when connecting LG Speaker Mesh

  • Here’s a weird one. I have 2 Aliens in my 3k sq ft home. Ethernet Backhaul. About 70 clients (lots of IOT) ... all working great... Except for my main sound system. The sound system consists of an LG SJ9 SoundBar and two LG Music Flow H7s ( ) connected for rear channels. The system used to work just fine with my previous setup (and edge router X with 3 basic Asus WiFi’s as APs). With the new setup connectivity to the sound bar works fine but the rear speakers (which end up using the SoundBar as a bridge with Wi-Fi) get no sound... and if I actually connect the rear speakers with Ethernet things get worse. When I use Ethernet for the rear speakers it ends up causing some weird conflict with the Alien system where other devices start “randomly” disconnecting or loosing access to the internet... it’s like a magic network chaos causing device, I plug either rear speaker in and all sorts of stuff stops working within a few minutes... unplug it and things starts going back to normal.

    Loving the Alien system but really missing the rear channels for audio... any ideas? The only one I think I might try next is to dust off the edge router X and try to put the sound system in its own little private lan and hope I can still reach them with the app with using the alien as a gateway.

    Thanks in advance to anyone reading this and providing support.

  • @oscartoro It could be acute interference, do you know what frequencies/channels the speakers are using? Do the speakers connect directly to the soundbar or do they connect to the Alien router?

  • @UI-AmpliFi : interference might explain the no sound when connected by wifi, but doesn't explain the issues when connected "wired". The speakers, when on wifi, connect to the soundbar and use it as a bridge... From Alien's list of clients point of view, I can see all 3 of them connected to an ethernet port but only the soundbar is actually connected to an ethernet port. The LG Musicflow app allows me to switch the wifi bands and channels that the mesh (between soundbar and rear speakers) use and I've tried several channels on both 5g and on 2.4ghz and it made no difference...

    I would much rather have all 3 connected by ethernet but, like I tried to explain above, that causes severe chaos throughout my network.

    Very Respectfully,

  • Hi @oscartoro - are your LG speakers and soundbar 2.4 GHz WiFi only?
    Or do they also operate on a 5 GHz WiFi network?
    Does the soundbar have to be a bridge or can you just connect all 3 devices to the same network via WiFi?

    You might consider enabling a 2.4 GHz only Additional SSID and connect the 3 devices to that dedicated SSID and see if it makes a difference
    Your speakers may not like 'mesh' technology with a common SSID and things like band steering

    If they are compatible with 5 GHz WiFi, you can also try enabling the Additional 5 GHz Radio, give it a unique SSID name and connect your 3 speakers that dedicated SSID
    This could eliminate any WiFi-6 incompatibility issues

  • @Derek-Saville : I don't see any way of connecting the rear speakers directly to wifi, it only works with bridge with soundbar (basically a private mesh with soundbar) or ethernet... It supports both 2.4 and 5 GHz and different channels ({1,6,11},{36,40,44,48}, {149,153,157,161,165}) so I've played switching between all three sets of channels with no success.

  • Hi @oscartoro - OK, I wasn't sure

    The instruction manual downlaodable from this site made it seem like you could attach the H7's directly to WiFi without needing the bridge and still configure them as part of a surround sound setup (I think), but the manual is for multiple models

    If the H7's have a 'factory reset' option, you might try to reset them entirely and see if they can somehow reconfigure themselves?

  • @oscartoro Could you send a support file in so that we can figure out if this is interference? Thanks.

  • @UI-AmpliFi This one is a support file with the rear speakers connected using wifi with the soundbar (as a bridge) : 0_1596563403901_AFi-ALN-R_74acb91ad971_2020-08-04_13-42-25-enc-cluster.tar

    I do not currently have a support file for when I connect the rear speakers to ethernet (which is really my preferred route and how I previously hate it configured with my old network hardware, but not viable unless we can figure out how to stop it from wreaking chaos on my new network)

  • @Derek-Saville The manual you just posted shows how to connect the speakers in a stand alone mode... The Sound Bar's instruction manual ( ; pages 31-34) explains how to connect them for a surround setup directly.
    In that configuration, I have also done a couple of factory resets to no avail in the past couple of weeks while trying to debug the issue ... No luck.

    I guess I could try to reset once more and configure them independently and see what happens when I try to do the "group playback" capabilities (in the instruction manual you linked, page 39) but I have a sense that it will end up re-bridging / meshing the devices given what's shown in page 45 (Mesh Network Channel)

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