Lost Access

  • When I was using the app, I turned off access of all devices which included my phone, this ended up locking me out of the router and only thing I could do was to reset the router.

    Why does disabling internet access disable your access to router settings?

  • @Joyal-Varghese Are you referring to pausing a device when you turned off access? Pausing a device will still allow internal communications, which should allow your mobile phone to manage the network using the AmpliFi App regardless of being paused or not.

    This feature was an update to the system with v3.0.0 so if your system was out of date, that could have been what locked you out.

  • I accidentally hit the pause icon next to my device on my amplifi alien & it most definitely has locked me out of managing the router. I have accidentally hit those buttons in the past, atleast on ios they are easy to hit. I 100% have no access after hitting pause next to my device in devices section. Even a ‘are you sure’ challenge with an explanation would be good.

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