Built-in Firmware automation

  • Since owning my mesh kit since 2016 I stayed on v2.6.3 with all the various problems so I took the plunge to go to 3.1.2 and it was nothing short of a nightmare as I had to be on with chat support for like 2hrs. If you would document or video the process Or better yet have built-in automation to go up or down on the firmware with a push of a button...the current. Process is over demanding and requires various link download/uploaded reboots....thee has to be a better way to automate the end user experience.

  • @Rich-Sammon Sorry to hear about that, are you speaking to the manual upgrade/downgrade?

  • Yes...you automate the upgrade part and NOT the downgrade? the experience of rebuilding each router and antenna was absolutely manual and extremely painful. this is not a qualitative end user experience....everyone who buys your product should not have to be technically savvy with firmware, software, networking, etc..the current process is not applicable to a non-tech type person.

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