Advanced Web UI, CLI or API documentation?

  • Hi, I purchased the amplifi instant to get better coverage around the house. I want to replace an older router that I have all sort of configurations that I would like to port to the Amplifi Instant.

    I really was expecting a way to make changes via web (like any other router made since 1990), but the web ui is a joke, you can only make about 10 changes or so via the web.

    I have about 60 devices (phones, laptops, computers, consoles, smart assistants, IoT devices, printers, tablets, tvs, dvrs, vms, etc.) that I would like to add Static IPs via DHCP, I also have some ports that I would like to forward (coming in on the wan side on one port to the lan side on another). Entering all this data on the phone will take hours if not days. Even the mac input box doesn't add the : so you have to enter those manually. I wanted to just copy and paste to a web ui.

    Does anyone know if these have some CLI, Advanced Web UI or at least window app that I could use? I have gone through the trouble of installing Android on a VM to see if I could do this from the PC to copy and paste like a regular human been, but the freaking developers made the app so it uses location for some unknown reason, so the app does not work without a GPS, not even with the Fake GPS location and other workarounds I found online. It seems like they went out of their way to cripple the unit. I was sniffing packets using wireshark and I see that the phone app uses regular clear text websockets. Is the API documented somewhere?

    I am about to return this POS, but before I do that, I wanted to know how other people interact with the unit. Is there some trick or a better way to make advance changes to the configuration besides the phone app? I don't want to hire a millennial to type all those in.

  • @EBarranco Unfortunately we do not have a CLI for the AmpliFi instant, we recommend using the app on a mobile device for the best experience.

  • @EBarranco said in Advanced Web UI, CLI or API documentation?:

    Does anyone know if these have some CLI, Advanced Web UI or at least window app that I could use?

    Everything is only configurable in the mobile app. The location service is required by Google and outlined in this article, which is why the VM would not work.

    If you would like to use AmpliFi for the mesh technology, but use a different device to manage the DHCP and other back end processes, a lot of users rely on the EdgeRouter from Ubiquiti.

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