Bedjet and Google Home products will not connect.

  • I assume it’s some type of security setting that I’m overlooking. I’ve entered the WiFi login on each individual app but the connection fails. Thanks!

  • @Claire-Strande Some devices are designed with a 2.4Ghz network card, and they struggle to connect to dual band networks.

    I would suggest creating a second SSID that is 2.4Ghz only and attempt to connect these devices and see if that allows them to connect. Configuring Multiple SSID's

    What google home product will not connect?

  • Great! that worked, thanks so much!

  • @Claire-Strande

    Interesting. I just set up my Alien Router using default choices (not specifying a dedicated 2.4 GHz SSID), and my Nest (not Google Nest—I'm holding out as long as I can from adding my Nest devices to a "Google" account) devices, which are both 2.4 GHz only, have connected, although both my iOS app and the Alien's LED screen say they're connected at 56 GHz, which cannot be the case.

    Previously my router was an Apple Airport Extreme "Time Capsule" (802.11ac with an internal 3 TB HDD for "Time Machine" backups, and the Nest Guard would occasionally fall off the WiFi network. Thus far that's not happened with the Alien.

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