Two Aliens to create Mesh network

  • Ok so I previously tried the Dreamachine & 2 beacons to create a mesh network. Unfortunately it was horrible and my gigabit internet speeds maxed out at 130mbps. I currently have the Orbi Wifi 6 mesh router but love the interface of Unifi routers.

    So my question can I buy two Alien units and create a wireless mesh connection? I dont want to physically connect the two with Ethernet cable. I love the touchscreen on the alien and the 4 ports and that is why I’d like to purchase a second on and use it as a mesh network.

  • @David-Ciccone absolutely yes, the Alien is designed to do that.

  • Thanks so much.

    How does the beacon compare to the alien? My speeds were horrible with beacons.

  • @David-Ciccone I had the Orbi AX6000 mesh setup for two weeks. It’s FAST with the dedicated WiFi 6 backhaul. Like wired fast.

    But I REALLY like the Aliens, the hardware and software. With the Orbis I noticed random disconnects and I’d have to either run a speed test or reboot to get them going again. Despite their speed, they seemed less stable than the Aliens.

    In the end I kept the Aliens (router/RaMP combo) wirelessly meshed. My speeds aren’t as fast over WiFi but once I set them back up after returning the Orbis, I haven’t had to do anything with them.

    I also decided to run the beta software, which seems very stable. And I haven’t yet decided if I want to separate the channels. Right now now I have about 13-15 devices on a combined SSD.

    I may not be getting 700+ Mbps over WiFi on my iPhone 11 Pro like I did with the Orbis, but I’m also not concerned with the performance and stability of the Aliens.

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