Alien... disappointment!

  • Very disappointed with the Alien. I received the unit today and I’m asking for a refund and will go back to my HD.

    2 reasons:

    • one of my 2.4 device is not connecting no mater what I do.
    • reach advertised as twice is way wrong. I don’t see any improvement over the HD I’m using.

    IMHO, the touch screen info is useless and way too busy. I really prefer the HD with a nice clock.

    Obviously, this is my experience and yours may vary, but I will not recommend this unit to anyone over à HD unit (work as the same and much cheaper.)


  • On top of that... just realize that I cannot revert the the previous firmware... really, yep!

  • This post is deleted!

  • @unseenone good for you, as I said mileage may be different for others but as for me, I’m back on the trusty HD.

  • @René-Guitar If devices aren't WiFi 6 capable they may not see a large improvement from your HD model.

  • @UI-AmpliFi I do have a few Wifi6 devices and one of them Dell laptop) is using the ...2.4 ghz... at 6 feet from the router ( I really don’t get this one!) the other One, iPhone SE is fine thought. The roll back option in web IU is not there on the alien. It is present on the HD unit, but not on the Alien. Anyhow, the sales pitch for the Alien is claiming 2X improvement reach over the HD, HD not being wifi6, my tests show maybe a 1.2x improvement in the 2.4 department. For 380$ plus tax router (that is more than 500$ up here in canada btw!), i’m disappointed.

    Was ready to get rid my 2nd HD unit, back to a single Alien unit with better performance and getting the new WiFi 6 standard was what I was expecting. Yesterday’s experience was not up to my 500$ spending. Sorry.

    As I said, might be ok and perfectly fine for others.

  • @René-Guitar

    Let me explain a bit to you, from my perspective. It might help, and maybe you can tinker with this unit on a separate network, seeing as you have both.

    The units do deliver fast speeds, however those gains on NON-AX devices will be limited. Honestly, there are Wireless devices advertised such as the ASUS AX series, which after personal experience and months of problems I would not touch with a ten foot pole. That is another subject.

    I will specifically address your Dell Laptop, because I have a Dell Latitude E6540 circa 2013-- which is my old laptop. The E6540 on Ethernet and the E6540 on Wireless are never going to produce more than about 350mbps. This limitation is cooked into the hardware on the machine.

    I will compare and contrast this for you, to the new laptop a Dell Precision Workstation 16cores. This with the latest Intel AX wireless card. As you will see, there are significant performance differences with respect to the two machines on the same connection, location, etc.

    As far as your issue with the Device not connecting to the WiFi, although I am not sure why, you would want an old crappy 2.4Ghz device on your network, you might want to check the following, as I have experienced wireless failures on these Dell Units (I like Dell) but stuff goes wrong. You need to specifically ensure that all the firmware and software is up to date. If this machine does not have 5, then that would make it pretty old right? What are you trying to accomplish with this machine, via wireless?

    OK, so back to it. I will need to swap around various machines to get this data and update the post, so please hold your comments until it is complete.

    Normally way this unit is used, some speed test history, on a mesh node, WiFi.

    This is the E6540, which is substantially newer than your 2.4 only Dell whatever it is. On Both Ethernet 1gb with a 1gb internet connection (when it delivers, which is not often)

    On Ethernet

    E6540 On Wireless (Alien) and well as history going back showing Asus AC, Asus AX (garbage) and previous wireless and Ethernet Tests Combined. 10 feet from Router.

    Dell Precision Workstation - 1GB Ethernet, plugged into the same switch as the Dell Latitude.

    Dell Precision on WiFi Next to Dell Latitude

    Overall, I can say that performance could be a bit better, but I accept the tradeoff for rock solid WiFi over blazing speeds with continuous crashing. I am sure this will improve over time. I'd say I have spent an inordinate amount of time on the old wireless, as well as a fair amount of time on the new, just fiddling and trying to optimize things. There is still much to be done and learn, but overall I will state the following. While not blazing, I have not yet found a compatibility issue, the most troublesome device being my printer, which I put on Ethernet. I plan to eliminate my last 2 2.4 devices with newer Roku devices. I have my AX devices on a network called "Alien" and I have my 5GHz devices on a network called Alien5G, which sped up Mesh Speeds, and overall speeds. It's not perfect, but I don't have to constantly monitor my wireless anymore, it just works. I know previous versions of the UI offerings are fairly reliable, which is what I was going for.

    I hope this helps, I am happy to delete this post if you do not find it useful.

  • @unseenone as I said, ymmv. Strong and stable signal is what I’m expecting.

    Funny fact: yes I have both (side by side) and I’m testing both. As an exemple, went outside the house, while connected to the Alien, took my phone out on my pocket, weak signal, disconnected, than guess which took over right away! Yep, trusty old crappy (as you would say!) HD! This is what I mean by Alien is not As good as they claim it is (twice the reach of the HD)

    So I’m happy for you, keep your alién (as well as your new and uncrappy 10 feet away laptops) it will serve you well, but mine is gone.


  • @René-Guitar This may be a bad test becuase your placing extreme interference right next to the Alien, that will severly affect range and speed. Try eliminating all sources of interference and testing.

  • @UI-AmpliFi my Alien this morning went dead could not reboot for the first 2 attempts. (Jammed at 99%) on the third attempt, it went trough.... I’d this the update?! I don’t know... but my trust in reliability is affected.

  • @René-Guitar said in Alien... disappointment!:

    went dead could not reboot for the first 2 attempts

    When you found it was dead, was it wireless not available or did the unit have no power? When did you run the update?

  • @UI-AmpliFi Wifi totally down, Ethernet too. Power was in the unit, but everything was frozen. (The touch screen not responsive). After all the reboot i tried the update on the Alien, but was not available (only my HD got it).

    The unit is running right now, nothing on it, 140f fan rpm 0. I remember the fan was showing before the crash. Is it possible that the fan is dead and the unit over heated?

  • @René-Guitar Forget the fan ... it reached 154F and the fan kicked in ...showing a 794 rpm

  • @UI-AmpliFi I did nothing. Was in a Zoom conference call, then the network went down. Went upstairs to look at the Allen, screen was frozen, the green light was lit (I turn it off), unplugged it, re plugged 99%, freeze again... I hit the reset button, screen was displaying reset to factory, 99% freeze again ... on the third reboot attempts, it rebooted.

    I just checked is the latest update is available, nothing. My HD unit did get the 3.4.2 my Alien Is still at 3.4.0. I was under the impression that the checking for the update caused the freezing of the unit because my HD received it.

    For some strange reason, the roll back of the firmware is impossible on the Alien (it is not showing on the web interface). Works fine on the HD unit !

    I cannot trust my Alien anymore.

  • @UI-AmpliFi another thing, I cannot roll back the firmware.

    After today’s (once again) wifi failure during a zoom call, I used the return label and the unit is on it”s way back. I also, upon support recommendation, got an RMA.

    Hopefully I’ll get my money back or a working unit.

  • @René-Guitar Unit was received in Toronto this morning, got an Email from Ubiquity in Canada, they will refund me. I still hope that the Alien is a good unit, and I was just unlucky with a "bad" unit... so I still need to decide If I want to order another one or if I wait for the market to grow up a bit.

    Anyhow, thanks to the tech support team and Ubiquity offices Canada.

  • Decided to get a new unit. Wow, this one works fine so far. Totally a different experience than the previous one. Almost 24 hr without a Reboot, installed two upgrade (3.4.0 and 3.4.1) without issues.

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