Bought standalone mesh point, got one part of a kit

  • I just received my order for a standalone Amplify HD Mesh Point from the Ubiquiti online EU store. After trying to set it up, I looked online and found out that the device belongs to a kit, as it has a label with two MAC addresses in the back. Neither of these addresses match the one printed on the box.

    I've contacted the store, but they've been mostly unhelpful, after asking for a picture of the product and simply saying it's the product I've ordered, completely ignoring everything else I wrote.

  • At this point, after being thrown back and forth in emails and support tickets between the AmpliFi help team and the EU online store team, who apparently have no way to directly contact each other, I'm pretty confident I'll never again buy anything from the Ubiquiti online store.

  • @matusalem-marques I have sent your information to my store team to follow up on this for you. This is something that should not have happened, since we do not sell used or refurbished products. I'm still waiting for what steps need to be taken from here. Can you send me your order number in a DM?

  • @UI-AmpliFi Thank you so much for your help. After some more back and forth, the EU online store offered to make arrangements for the replacement.

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