Standalone vs kit

  • I have owned an HD mesh bundle / kit for around a year, and liked it so much I bought another to expand to my garage and workshop only to find that you can't add 2 kits together. I also just found out that the mesh antennas from the kits are not able to work with any router but the one they came with. I have spent over $700 only to find out my hardware can't work together? For $30 more I could have purchased stand alone gear and been fine, but I had no idea until now. Why punish your loyal customers because the items come in the same box? Makes no sense at all. I now have to return my new kit and live with the fact that if my original router ever fails, there goes the antennas as well. I went from whole heartedly recommending your brand to really really upset. Would love an explanation or a firmware update to change this awful policy.

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