Packet loss 3.4.2rc1

  • Not sure what version I was on before resetting my router but I was having significant packet loss like 40-50%. After resetting I updated to 3.4.2rc1 and was seeing 1-2% loss. So I rolled back to 3.4.1 and haven't seen any loss. Hopefully this solves my problem but only time will tell. Has anyone else had issues with packet loss as significant as mine? This will be the third time I have my ISP come out. I've already ran new CAT6 Ethernet and coaxial cable through my house.

  • Oh man i knew it!!!
    They messed up since 3.3.0 until now and now they can't fix this once and forever.

    Does it help if you Restart the router?

  • @Shawn-Billings Packet loss on wifi or ethernet or both? To your gateway or the ISP or some internet site? All devices or just one device? I've been running 3.4.2rc1 and zero packet loss.

  • @Patrick-Parks-0 so update on everything. My ISP provider sent a 3rd tech out who finally seems to have discovered the problem. Apparently at the box where all the connections meet outside had some loose damaged wires. The wire leading to my home had a nick in it and was bent and they replaced the modem. Looks like the problem wasn't with the Amplifi router after all. It only took 3 weeks and 3 techs coming out to figure out what's wrong. Just weird all this started happening around the time I had purchased the router and not before

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