Amplifi HD: how do I know if I have multiple hops?

  • So I’m setting up the Amplifi HD and I’m noting in the directions that it’s best to set up the router between the mesh points to minimize the number of hops for mesh points. That makes sense but there is no way for me to set up my router in the middle in that fashion.

    The planned set up is more triangular (my house is obviously not in a straight line anyway) and judging by my informal calculations, the router and mesh points would end up almost the same distance from each other. I can ensure that mesh point would be closer to the router than each other but not the preferred set up due to a variety of reason (e.g., I’d rather place mesh points in more discrete locations).

    So, how do I know whether I am creating an additional hop? Given that the distance is almost the same between all three, would the way they connect actually shift back and forth (i.e., sometimes there are multiple hops, sometimes now)? Finally, how important is this really (i.e., should I place to ensure each mesh point is closest to the router)?


  • @droopdog7 There should be an icon by the meshpoints indicating a hop, two dots indicates this device is connected to the router and three would indicate a hop. See attached photo.0_1597074934745_Screenshot_20200810-095227.jpg

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