Best Firmware Level in Bridgemode

  • Sorry to share after almost 4yrs using my AMPLIFI HD the HW ports died...yes the actual hardware so I took a risk and purchased a new AMPLIFI HD kit. I’ve decided to attach it to a modem/router combo device by Arris SBG8300 which is blazing fast.

    With that in mind what is the most stable yet fastest firmware I should be on? Out of the box it came with 2.9.8. I was told by Brett some time ago that 3.1.2 was most stable all around.

    However when I do a Speedtest in Bridgemode the speed is less than 50mbps when I bought 600mbps from Comcast and my SBG8300 using 5G gets 500+mbps

    How can I get my AMPLIFI HD near this same speed????

  • @Rich-Sammon Upgrade to 3.4.2 and test.

  • @UI-AmpliFi Hello, I dont mean to sound difficult but I will NEVER upgrade to your latest firmware and be a guinea pig for problems only to rollback. I'm using your product for 3+ years and have been through hours of wasted time especially recently when after 3+yrs ALL the hardware ports in the mesh kit completely went belly up. Yes I did go out and buy your product again hoping for some HW improvements and mostly because of the MESH technology which i desire...otherwise my ARRIS SBG8300 blows the doors off amplifi for wired & wireless speed and easy admin management...their downfall is its just a traditional router with no mesh ability otherwise I would not be here...I want a STABLE firmware that the community as well as UI see to be stable which means NO downtime and best performance. With society working remote its mandatory that our connections be up 100% of the time to stay in the working game...we no longer have time to play around...

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