QoS for ethernet

  • Hello,

    Has anyone found a good way to handle QoS for the enthernet ports on the Amplifi HD since you can't set them like WiFi?

    I have an 8 port unmanaged switch connected to the Amplifi and one of the ports is connected to a QNAP NAS that offsite backsup every 2 days.

    I have a 15Mbps upload speed and the QNAP upload completely saturates my internet connection.

    What I'm hoping to find is a new switch that I can set the QoS per IP. So the QNAP will be a low priority and things like my Hue Hub, SmartThings, Hubitat will all be high priority and then everything else will be normal priority.

    So the QNAP can have all the bandwidth but as soon as something else wants to use it the QNAP gets throttled. And then the home automation hubs have top priority for fastest operation.
    I don't want to hard limit the QNAP because when there's no traffic it can have all the bandwidth.

    This of course would only be ethernet controlled devices, the Amplifi would still be taking care of the Wifi priorities.

    Has anyone found a switch or something do to this?


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