Port Forwarding

  • Hello, I'm trying to port forward so that my friend and I can play on the same Minecraft server together. I am unsure as to how it is done because when I copy/paste my default gateway and can configure my network in my browser there is no port forwarding option. I have the AmpliFi app as well and have tried to port forward but it didn't work. There was a forum I saw that gave a tutorial on how to port forward with AmpliFi routers and that didn't seem to work either. It would be great to have some help.

  • @Vaughn-Mitchell You will need to know what ports are required to open, as well as what protocol (TCP, UDP or both). Then you will use the IP address of the device you are using to connect to the Minecraft server, this can be found in the AmpliFi app under the list of devices.

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