Wired/wireless bad speed and constant disconnects

  • Hello,

    I purchased the gamers edition amplifi HD and have been having trouble since day one. I had a synology router that was amazing, but certain points of the house would drop wifi and it would be irritating.

    So i decided to get a mesh point system. I am using spectrum and getting 4-500 mbps and 25 upload when i do my speed test connected. That doesnt mean its steady. I switched from Latency to Throughput and I STILL continue to get interruptions and i am connected directly to the router. Lag spikes and just connection errors. I went ahead and bought 2 more regular mesh points to extend even more around the house and back yard. All of them have good connection, but everything connected keeps dropping connection. There are times where I have people over and all connected and then the wifi shuts down (not literally) and keeps saying incorrect password when connecting. My smart TV's continue to drop wifi even if its a room away. Im at a point where I have messed with certain settings that were recommended and it made no difference. Also, when I do my speed tests, i get nothing past 100mbps on the app.

    I need HELP! I already sent in a ticket with the info they needed and spectrum came and fixed the issues. There was a lot of noise and connection drop. New modem is in and they tested and everything is good, but this router keeps failing.

    Please help.

  • @Missionboi said in Wired/wireless bad speed and constant disconnects:

    when I do my speed tests, i get nothing past 100mbps on the app

    This is expected in Latency mode. Latency mode sets the max speed per device at 100 Mbps to prevent a single device from consuming all of the bandwidth.

    Generating support files for our development staff to review is the best route to take, what have they shared from your support files?

  • @UI-AmpliFi

    Yes, but I am not running on latency mode. I’m on throughput and still don’t get anything past 100mbps. The only thing I was told based on files is that my ISP is flooding my server. They swapped my router as it was old and put a new one and tested For noise and everything else and it was cleared and everything tested perfect. A day later it’s back to the same issue. They even put a booster.

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