AMPLIFI Router Dropping Connection

  • All,

    Recently this morning I had to RMA my router and mesh point because it was constantly dropping connection and had very slow speeds (WiFi and Ethernet). I was able to determine it was the router by bypassing and connecting directly to the modem. Also I connected and older router and didn’t experience the issue any further. I tried factory restoring the router but no change so I ended up RMAing it this afternoon. Has anyone else ran into this? I’ve had the device since January and no issues until this morning.

  • as of this morning my Iphone will not find my Alien. which means I can't troubleshoot via the app. Wondering if something similar?

  • @stevebclark I had a similar issue but it was all devices unfortunately.

  • @stevebclark if you reset the Alien can your iphone find it to set it up?

  • @UI-AmpliFi The 2.4Ghz is very slow compaire to earlier firmware version, for many people with both Android and iphones.

    I've been trying to tell you this long time but nobody seem to care and now look what's happening > people buying other brand routers and not Amplifi.

    Again: fix the issue once and forever.

  • @stevebclark I've had this experience randomly a few times when my ISP updates my modem overnight. Some devices would be connected and some will not. They would not even be discovered until rebooting or power cycled. This is a major issue if you are an average user and if your other devices depend on the network to function.

    @UI-AmpliFi I find it really odd that devices with established profiles on the network via Alien router would experience such an issue. Its really inconvenient as family member devices would be removed from the network, while some are still connected. Please advise if there will be a fix for this issue in an upcoming update because unless rebooted or power cycled, the issue remains the same for non technical users.

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