Alien in-app and on-board ISP speed test

  • For a few weeks I’ve had two Alien routers setup in a mesh configuration using wireless backhaul.

    I have 940 down/40 up which I get from the router via wired connection.

    The in-app and on-board speed test always gives me about 450 down/40 up from my ISP to the router.

    Why do you think that is?

  • @marcdecarli What speeds are you seeing from hardwired devices when using a 3rd party speed test? Are you getting your expected speeds or are you also seeing that reduction down to 450/40?

    If you are getting your full expected speeds from a hardwired test, it could just be the server selection within the AmpliFi Alien. Some users have reported that the location it automatically selects is not the optimal location which in returns reports slower than expected speeds.

  • Using the Speedtest app on my iMac wired to the Router and manually selecting the server, because the app always chooses the server with the fastest ping/slowest Mbps, I get close to full speed.

    Most other nearby servers’ speeds are consistent with what the on-board and in-app speed tests show.

    If I’m/we’re correct, do you know what can be done to resolve it?

  • @marcdecarli The onboard speed test is something we are constantly working on improving, and is updated on the back end so you do not have to wait for a major firmware release.

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